Fatelords is a massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game set in outer space. It has been running for several years. It began in 2002. It won a Golden Web Award for 2002–2003, and 2003–2004, and a Canadian Web award in 2002, and a gamespotter award. [http://www.fatelords.com/awards.php] The game was started in Lithuania and has many players from Lithuania, the Netherlands, Britain and the United States as well as other countries.


The game involves a large universe set in a three dimensional grid with each planet given co-ordinates xxxxx:yyyyy:zzzzz, and a large part of the game involves finding or "probing" for other planets to colonize and attack. Each system of planets has a place where ships can travel through to a "battlezone" at co-ordinates 0:0:0. Players join together to form clans. The game is a real time strategy game, where resources are updated every half hour. Fatelords uses many different ships including 'pathfinders' which travel instantly through space, and slower fighters and carriers, which take hours or even days to reach their destination. The creator of the game also made a different game called SkyLords, which is similar, although it has more options for types of ship creation, it is not as popular as the original fatelords.

After 6 years, this game has finally closed in June 2008. In the end, the Dutch United Forces (D.U.F.) ruled. However American Elite Forces (A.E.F) lead by Dios formerly known as Inubis and his great long term friend Crusader formerly known as Mikdugal1 lauched a massive attack with the aid of several other gamers against the administrator of the game Gato also known as Nil. The attack consisted of over 2000 fighter class ships engageing in combat right above the admins only planetary system. The attack lasted aprox 36 hours when the long time inactive admin was tipped off by someone from the clan known as DarkSide (DS). The admin returned to the game and deleted Dios and Crusader instantly. Followed by the deletion of every other gamer who aided in the attack (special shoutout to Flair also known as Wynn Sol also known as Wheeles, for aiding in the attack). In the end the attack was left incomplete and the admin abondoned the system. Shortly after that Fatelords lost ownership or the URL "http://www.fatelords.com" and the URL was purchased by a third party and is now for resale at a minimum price of $1500. Dokeda the company that owns the game currently see's no reasons to resurrect a dieing game and the URL will not be repurchased for such a high price.

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