Supremacy (board game)

Supremacy (board game)

"Supremacy: The Game of the Superpowers" is a strategic board wargame published in 1984 by Supremacy Games.


The game uses an area map similar in concept to the one used in "Risk". However, "Supremacy" also divides the oceans into sea zones.

Land Zones

Land zones are divided into two categories; active home superpower territories, and neutrals/warlords/non-active superpower territory.

ea Zones

The seas and oceans of the world are divided into two categories; dark blue (deep water), and light blue (coastal) zones. Attacks from the sea from naval forces or land invasions are only possible from a light blue zone.


Players choose one of six superpowers;
• Confederacy of South America
• Federation of African States
• League of European Nations
People’s Republic of China
United States of America
• Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics


* Confederation of Canarctica
* Commonwealth of Australasia


Oil, Minerals, and Grain are the three resources in the game. Players draw resource cards to determine which mines, farms, and oilfields they control. Players need resources to build and move military units, fight battles, and control the population. Each superpower may control up to twelve units of each resource; additional units may be sold on the world market.

Military Units

In the original version of the game, there are only two types of units; land and sea. Three military units would cost your superpower, 300 million, and one of each resource.

Expansion Sets

"Resource Deck 2" (Resource Deck 1 is in the original game)
"Warlords and Pirates of the Neutral Zones"
"Boomers - Ballistic Missile Subs"
"Blister Pack - Tanks" (For "Warlords and Pirates of the Neutral Zones" expansion)
"Blister Pack - Boomers" (For "Warlords and Pirates of the Neutral Zones" expansion)
"The High-Tech Edge for Conventional Forces"
"The High-Tech Edge for Strategic Forces"
"Colonial Legions and Merchant Marine"
"Neutron Bombs, Killer Satellites, Missile Silos and Spaceports"
"Fortuna" (news, rumors and acts of God)
"Field Marshall's Handbook"
"The Middle Powers"
"The Unconventional Forces"
"Mega-Supremacy map"
"Mega-Supremacy Commander-in-Chief's Rule Book"

Nuclear Weapons

Nukes are available during the research and development phase of the game. A player turns over one card at a time going through the resource deck until they stop, or turn over a nuclear weapon card. Each card turned costs the superpower 200 million, and then the superpower may build the first nuke at 500 million and a mineral resource.


L-Stars, or laser satellites, are the means to prevent nuclear war from being the easiest way to win the game. These are developed during the research and development stage much like nuclear weapons (but more expensive).

K-Sats and Neutron Bombs

Killer Satellites are an expansion that allows military units in space (only good against other K-sats or L-stars). Neutron Bombs work like nukes, only they did not make the affected territory uninhabitable.


The object of the game is to eliminate all other opponents, through military, economic, and tactical maneuvering. It is possible for the game to end in nuclear winter, in which case everyone loses.

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