(a-circumflex) is a letter of the Romanian and Vietnamese alphabets. This letter also appears in Croatian, French, Portuguese, Serbian, Frisian, Welsh Language, Friulian, Turkish and Walon language as a variant of the letter “a”.

Usage in various languages

Croatian and Serbian

<â> is not a letter in the Croatian and Serbian, but simply with the circumflex. It appears only in a few words, and denotes the sound IPA|/aː/ (ordinary denotes IPA|/a/). Â is used in distinguishing words such as in the sentence "Ja sam sâm." ( _en. I am alone.). Its sort order is obscure, since no Croatian or Serbian word uses it as the first letter and it merely serves to distinguish some verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.


 is the 3rd letter of the Romanian alphabet and represents IPA|/ɨ/. This sound is also represented in Romanian as letter î.


 is the 3rd letter of the Vietnamese alphabet and represents IPA|/ɜ/. In Vietnamese phonology, diacritics can be added to form the following five forms to represent five tones of â.
*Unicode|Ầ ầ
*Unicode|Ẩ ẩ
*Unicode|Ẫ ẫ
*Unicode|Ấ ấ
*Unicode|Ậ ậ


 letter, is used to soften the letter "A". Especially, in "Âdet" ("Tradition") "Kâğıt" ("Paper"). But it's not useful today's Turkish daily life. Because of using A letter instead of Â.


 is used in the system of Ukrainian transliteration as the letter Я.


 is used for indicating stressed syllables. Its value is IPA|/ɐ/ (in Brazilian Portuguese IPA|/ɐ͂/ when it is before nasal consonants).


 is used to represent the /ɑː/ sound.

Character mappings

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