Emotion (disambiguation)

Emotion (disambiguation)

Emotion, in psychology and common use, refers a complex reaction of an organism to significant objects or events, with subjective, behavioral, physiological, elements. Mood and feeling are related concepts.

Emotion may also refer to:
*"Emotion" (song), a song by the Bee Gees, originally recorded by Samantha Sang and covered by Destiny's Child
*"Emotion" (Barbra Streisand album), an album by Barbra Streisand
*"Emotion" (Martina McBride album), an album by Martina McBride
*"Emotions" (album), by Mariah Carey
**"Emotions" (Mariah Carey song), a song from the album
*The Emotions, an all-female singing group
*"Emotion" (Helen Reddy song)
*one of the many brand names for the drug lorazepam

ee also

*Emo (slang), a derogatory slang for emotional

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