Aim or AIM may refer to:

In music

* AIM (Tyga song)

As a word

* Aim (musician)
* Ai Maeda (seiyū), who is also called "AiM".
* Aim (demon).
* AIM 65 (computer)
* Aim toothpaste
* AIM Investment Management, an Australian financial planning company
* AIM Records, a record label
* AIM (rifle), a Romanian copy of the Russian AKM

As a set of initials

* Asset Information Management, [ NRX]
* Abrams Integrated Management
* Accuracy in Media
* Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation
* Advanced Idea Mechanics, in the Marvel Comics universe
* Adventures In Missions
* Aeronautical Information Manual
* Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere, NASA satellite
* Africa Inland Mission
* A.I.M. (single), from the Cooper Temple Clause
* A.I.M. (Artificial Intelligence Machine), a video game
* A.I.M. 2 (Artificial Intelligence Machine 2), a video game
* AIM alliance, Apple-IBM-Motorola alliance
* Alternative Investment Market, a stock exchange in London for small capitalisation listings
* American Indian Movement
* American Institute of Mathematics
* Ancestry-informative marker
* Anugerah Industri Muzik, Malaysia's annual music awards ceremony
* AOL Instant Messenger, an instant messaging service
* Artificial Intelligence Marketing, a type of marketing activity
* Asian Institute of Management
* Association of Independent Music
* Athens Institute of Ministry, [ Athens Institute of Ministry]
* Atlanta Institute Of Music
* Atoms in Molecules
* A.I.M. (Artists In Mind), to help mental hospital patients, based in Huddersfield in England.
* Army Institute of Management, Kolkata
* Adequate Information Management in Europe, research project
* Airborne Intercept Missile
* AIM Makers of questionable air ride parts

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