Jim Dunnigan

Jim Dunnigan

James F. Dunnigan (born 8 August 1943) is an author and wargame designer currently living in New York City, notable for his matter-of-fact approach to military analysis.

Born in Rockland County, New York, after high school, he volunteered for the military instead of waiting to be drafted. From 1961 to 1964, he worked as a repair technician for the Sergeant ballistic missile, which included a tour in Korea. Afterwards, he attended Pace University studying accounting, then transferred to Columbia University, graduating with a degree in history in 1970.

While still in college, he got involved in wargaming. He designed "Jutland", which Avalon Hill published in 1967, following it up with "1914" the next year, and the groundbreaking "PanzerBlitz" in 1970, which eventually sold half a million copies. Meanwhile, he had founded his own company, Simulations Publications, Inc. (SPI), which issued games and published the magazine "Strategy & Tactics".

Between 1966 and 1992, he designed over 100 wargames and other conflict simulations, ranging from 1969's "Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker" about the student takeover at Columbia (which he witnessed as a bystander), to the gigantic "War in Europe", to the online "Hundred Years' War", which has been running since 1992.

In 1979, he wrote "The Complete Wargames Handbook", still considered a definitive work,Fact|date=February 2007 and in 1980 "How to Make War".

He also regularly gives lectures to the military, and has appeared on television as a commentator on military subjects.


In 1975, Dunnigan was inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design Hall of Fame. [cite web
title=Charles S. Roberts Award Winners (1975)
publisher=Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design
] In 1999 "Pyramid" magazine named him as one of the millennium's most influential persons "at least in the realm of adventure gaming". [cite journal
title=Second Sight: The Millennium's Best "Other" Game and The Millennium's Most Influential Person
journal=Pyramid (online)
first=Scott D.


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*"Jutland" (1967)
*"1914" (1968)
*"1918" (1969)
*"Anzio Beachhead" (1969)
*"Barbarossa" (1969)
*"Crete" (1969)
*"Deployment" (1969)
*"Flying Fortress" (1969)
*"Italy" (1969)
*"Korea" (1969)
*"Leipzig" (1969)
*"Normandy" (1969)
*"Tannenberg" (1969)
*"Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker" (1969)
*"Bastogne" (1970)
*"Chicago, Chicago!" (1970)
*"PanzerBlitz" (1970)
*"Grenadier" (1971)
*"Kursk" (1971)
*"Lost Battles" (1971)
*"Origins of World War II" (1971)
*"Strategy I" (1971)
*"USN" (1971)
*"American Revolution" (1972)
*"Breakout and Pursuit" (1972)
*"Combat Command" (1972)
*"Flying Circus" (1972)
*"France '40" (1972)
*"Franco-Prussian War" (1972)
*"Moscow Campaign" (1972)
*"Origins of World War I" (1972)
*"Outdoor Survival" (1972)
*"Red Star/White Star" (1972)
*"Turning Point" (1972)
*"Wilderness Campaign" (1972)
*"Year of the Rat" (1972)
*"Ardennes Offensive" (1973)
*"Battles of Bull Run" (1973)
*"CA" (1973)
*"Desert War" (1973)
*"El Alamein" (1973)
*"Foxbat & Phantom" (1973)
*"Kampfpanzer" (1973)
*"NATO" (1973)
*"Napoleon at Waterloo" (1973)
*"Panzer Armee Afrika" (1973)
*"Scrimmage" (1973)
*"Sinai" (1973)
*"Sniper!" (1973)
*"Solomons Campaign" (1973)
*"Spitfire" (1973)
*"World War Two" (1973)
*"American Civil War" (1974)
*"Combined Arms" (1974)
*"Frigate" (1974)
*"Operation Olympic" (1974)
*"Patrol" (1974)
*"Tank" (1974)
*"The East is Red" (1974)
*"War in the East" (1974)
*"Wolfpack" (1974)
*"Battle for Germany" (1975)
*"Global War" (1975)
*"Invasion America" (1975)
*"Mech War '77" (1975)
*"Oil War" (1975)
*"Panzer '44" (1975)
*"Sixth Fleet" (1975)
*"The Fast Carriers" (1975)
*"War in the Pacific" (1975)
*"World War 3" (1975)
*"World War I" (1975)
*"Wurzburg" (1975)
*"FireFight" (1976)
*"Panzergroup Guderian" (1976)
*"Plot to Assassinate Hitler" (1976)
*"Revolt in the East" (1976)
*"Russian Civil War" (1976)
*"Strike Force" (1976)
*"War in Europe" (1976)
*"War in the West" (1976)
*"Fulda Gap" (1977)
*"Agincourt" (1978)
*"Brusilov" (1978)
*"Canadian Civil War" (1978)
*"The Next War" (1978)
*"Bulge" (1979)
*"Berlin '85" (1980)
*"Dallas" (1980)
*"Demons" (1980)
*"Drive on Metz" (1980)
*"Empires of the Middle Ages" (1980)
*"Fifth Corps" (1980)
*"NATO Division Commander" (1980)
*"TimeTripper" (1980)
*"Wreck of the Pandora" (1980)
*"Light Infantry Division" (1985)
*"Tactical Combat Model" (1985)
*"Men-At-Arms" (1990)
*"Hundred Years War" (1992)
*"Victory at Sea" (1992)


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