Page may mean:

Apprentice, assistant, errand boy

*Page of Honour, the chilvalric and ceremonial position at a royal court in older times.
*Page (servant), a traditionally young male servant.
**Canadian Senate Page Program or Canadian House of Commons Page Program, someone who assists Members of Parliament in the Canadian House of Commons.
***Many of Canada's provincial parliaments have their own Page programs as well, though the pages that serve in these parliaments are often younger.
**NBC page, a young person serving as tour guide and production assistant at NBC Radio City Studios.
**United States House of Representatives Page or United States Senate Page, someone who takes trash and throws paper in the United States Capitol.
*Page (wedding attendant),a pastor's son wich that is called being a "Garret", an attendant at a wedding, a person who brings toilet paper to the restrooms when they run out, or cotillion.


*Code page
*Electronic page
*Ogg page, the variable-sized unit of data in an Ogg bitstream.
*Page (computing), a contiguous block of virtual memory.
*Pager, an electronic device for reaching someone.
*Pages, a word processor and page layout application.
*Web page

Graphic design, typography, printing

*Page footer, typography.
*Page header, typography.
*"Page" (magazine), a lifestyle magazine based in Monterrey, Mexico.
*Page (paper), one side of a leaf, as of a book


* "Pages" (album), an album by country music band Bering Strait.
* Page (band), a Swedish synth pop group.
* Page (group), a Korean musical group
* Page Music, a record label.
* Page One Records, a record label.


*Alan Page (born 1945), American football player and judge
*Arthur Page (born 1883), early and leading practitioner of public relations
*Anita Page (1910-2008), film actress of the 1930s
*Bettie Page (born 1923), U.S. pinup model
*Clarence Page, newspaper columnist
*E. M. Page, (born 1893) Oregon Supreme Court justice
*Earle Page, Earle Christmas Grafton Page (1880-1961)
*Ellen Page (born 1987) is a Canadian actress
*Frederick Handley Page (1885-1962), British aircraft manufacturer
*Geoffrey Page (1920-2000),Royal Air Force pilot
*Geneviève Page(born 1930), French actress
*Geraldine Page (1924-1987), US-american actress
*Greg Page (born 1972), Australian musician
*Ian Page (born 1960), British singer (Secret Affair and author
*James O. Page (1936-2004), director of North Carolina's statewide EMS system
*Jennifer Page usually referred to as Jennie Page (born 1944) Sacked Chief Executive of the London Millennium Dome
*Jimmy Page (born 1944), musician (Led Zeppelin)
*John Page (Virginia) (1744-1808), U.S. politician
*Joy Page (1924-2008), American actress
*Larry Page (British singer and manager), British
*Lawrence E. Page, co-founder of Google
*Malcolm Page, (born 1972), Australian Olympic sailor
*Malcolm Page, (born 1947), Welsh footballer
*Oran Page (1908-1954), U.S. jazz musician
*P. K. Page (born 1916), Canadian writer
*Page the village idiot (b. 1966), U.S. guitar comic
*Patti Page (born 1927), musician
*Pierre Page, former Canadian ice hockey coach
*Richard Page
*Rutherford Page early aviator
*Steven Page (born 1970), Canadian musician
*Sylvain Pagé, Canadian politician
*Thomas Nelson Page (1853-1922), U.S. novelist
*Tim Page (born 1944), British photographer
*Val Page (1892-1978), British motorcycle designer
*William N. Page (1854-1932) civil and mining engineer
*William Page, (1811-1885) American painter
*William W. Page, (1834-1897) Oregon Supreme Court justice

Fictional people

*Bob Page a character in the computer game Deus Ex.
*Lieutenant Page a Rebel Alliance commando in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.
*Page, an AI created by the fictional character Mouse in the Link Angel series by Lyda Morehouse.
*Victoria Page, a character from the Dream Theater concept album .


* Division of Page, an electoral district in New South Wales, Australia
* Page, Australian Capital Territory
* Page, Arizona
* Page County, Iowa
* Page County, Virginia
* Page, Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Page, Nebraska
* Page, North Dakota
* Page Park, Florida
* Page Township, Minnesota


*Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, a variety of gel electrophoresis
**SDS-PAGE, sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

ee also

*Paige (disambiguation)

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(attending a royal or noble personage or a legislature),

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