List of stars in Horologium
Abbreviation Hor
Genitive Horologii
Pronunciation /ˌhɒrɵˈlɒdʒiəm/; genitive /ˌhɒrɵˈlɒdʒiaɪ/
Symbolism the Pendulum Clock
Right ascension 3 h
Declination −60°
Quadrant SQ1
Area 249 sq. deg. (58th)
Main stars 6
Stars with planets 1
Stars brighter than 3.00m 0
Stars within 10.00 pc (32.62 ly) 1
Brightest star α Hor (3.85m)
Nearest star GJ 1061
(11.99 ly, 3.66 pc)
Messier objects none
Meteor showers ?????
Visible at latitudes between +30° and −90°.
Best visible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) during the month of December.

Horologium is a small and faint constellation in the southern sky (declination around −60 degrees). Its name is Latin for clock.[1] It was created in the 18th century by Abbé Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, who originally named it Horologium Oscillitorium after the pendulum clock to honour its inventor, Christiaan Huygens. The name has since been shortened to be less cumbersome.

One of the few objects of interest to amateur observers is R Horologii, a Mira variable with one of the largest magnitude ranges known. The globular cluster AM1 is found in the constellation, the most remotely known globular cluster in the Milky Way at a distance of 398 000 light years.

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Coordinates: Sky map 03h 00m 00s, −60° 00′ 00″

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