List of stars in Circinus
Abbreviation Cir
Genitive Circini
Pronunciation /ˈsɜrsɨnəs/ Círcinus, genitive /ˈsɜrsɨnaɪ/
Symbolism the Compass
Right ascension 15 h
Declination −60°
Quadrant SQ3
Area 93 sq. deg. (85th)
Main stars 3
Stars with planets 1
Stars brighter than 3.00m 0
Stars within 10.00 pc (32.62 ly) 0
Brightest star α Cir (3.18m)
Nearest star α Cir
(53.50 ly, 16.40 pc)
Messier objects 0
Meteor showers None
Triangulum Australe
Visible at latitudes between +30° and −90°.
Best visible at 21:00 (9 p.m.) during the month of June.

The constellation Circinus is a small constellation in the southern sky, first defined in the 18th century. Its name is Latin for compass, referring to the drafting tool used for drawing circles; it should not be confused with Pyxis, a constellation that represents a mariner's compass.



Circinus was introduced in the 18th century by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, whose fascination with secular science led him to name the constellations he defined after scientific instruments.


Circinus is located at a declination of −50 to −60 degrees, and hence the whole constellation is visible only south of the 30° north latitude.


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Coordinates: Sky map 15h 00m 00s, −60° 00′ 00″

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