Sayowa is a Brazilian band.

The Band

Heavy and percussive music is what defines Brazilian band Sayowa, which proves that it's possible to explore the variations of metal music in a unique way. The band recorded its first album, with songs that explore the energy of heavy music by joining low tuned guitars with the huge heaviness of "tambores" (drums) and percussion.

"Sayowa" means "brother" in Akawaio, the language of an indigenous tribe from northern Brazil.

The band started in late 2000, when drummer Raphael Laport met singer/guitarist Theo van der Loo, who had already played with bassist Juca Infante. As a trio the band recorded its first demo-CD. During the recording of this demo, guitarist Adriano Rongel joined the band and after some time, Roberto Colonese and Bernardo Badin joined also, adding their distinctive heavy Brazilian drums to the band.

Sayowa's lyrics, written in Portuguese and English, focus on situations that confront and test all of us and our human condition. Sayowa's goal is to make music that touches people and make them realize that reality is far from perfect and that we must work hard together to change society but even harder if we want to change ourselves.

In March 2003 SAYOWA played their first gig of many to come as the support act for Sepultura, one of the most respected bands of the metal genre worldwide. Impressed with the Sayowa's driving energy, Sepultura invited them to be again their support act, this time for several shows in Spain in early 2004. As a result of these shows, the band was invited to play at the Spanish festival Atarfe Vega Rock, in Granada in February 2006, sharing the stage with Megadeth, Fear Factory, Europe and others.

In the beginning of 2004, Billy Graziadei, singer and guitar player of Biohazard, mixed one of Sayowa's songs featured on band's first album, "Treme Terra", which was recorded at A.R. Studios in Rio de Janeiro, considered one of the best recording studios in Latin America. In April of the same year, Andreas Kisser, guitar player of Sepultura, recorded three other songs that also appear on the band's debut album.

In July 2005 Sayowa was invited to record the song "Trust", featured on the album "Hangar de Almas" (Hangar of Souls), a tribute album to Megadeth. The album was released in Europe and Argentina and features bands from all over the world, including Paul Di'Anno, former singer of Iron Maiden.

In November 2005 Sayowa played their third European tour, this time supporting the American band Pro-Pain on their "Prophets of Doom Tour" across six countries, some of them being visited by the band for the first time, gathering even more fans every night they went on stage.

Sayowa's next step is to release their second album in the second semester of 2006. The album will be produced by Andreas Kisser with co-production by Sayowa and Stanley Soares, sound tech who works with several artists among Sepultura and Motörhead. With all the new experiences and shows played the band guarantees a great album, full of new influences, a different direction, heavy and energetic as the true Sayowa style.


* Theo van der Loo- (Guitars & Vocals)
* Raphael Laport- (Drums)
* Adriano Rangel- (Guitars)
* Juca Infante- (Bass)
* to be announced - (Percussion)
* Bernardo Badin- (Percussion)


* Treme Terra (2004)


* "Treme Terra" (Video Clip - 2004)
* "Dias de luta" (trilha sonora-Documentario sobre vale-tudo)

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