List of people on stamps of Switzerland

List of people on stamps of Switzerland

This is a list of people on stamps of Switzerland. The cantons of Zürich, Geneva, and Basel did not issue any stamps honoring people.

The list is complete through 2000.

"See also:" List of people on stamps, list of Swiss people.



*Othmar Ammann (1979)
*Albert Anker (1981)
*Ernest Ansermet, composer, conductor (1985)


*Frederick Banting (1971)
*Jacob Bernoulli (1994)
*Theodore Beza (1959)
*Oskar Bider (1977)
*S. Corinna Bille, writer (1996)
*Montgomery Blair (1974)
*Johann Georg Bodmer (1964)
*Eugène Borel (1974)
*Francesco Borromini (1969)
*Frank Buchser (1990)
*Jacob Burckhardt (1947)


*Alexandre Calame (1960)
*John Calvin (1959)
*Blaise Cendrars (1990)
*Chulalongkorn, king of Siam (1997)
*Le Corbusier (1972)


*Adolf Deucher, president (1997)
*Numa Droz (1944)
*Armand Dufaux (1977)
*Henri Dufour, general (1937)
*Henry Dunant, founder of Red Cross (1928, 1978)


*Albert Einstein, physicist (1972)
*Alfred Escher (1932)
*Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth (1942)
*Leonhard Euler (1957)


*Louis Favre (1932)
*Heinrich Federer (1966)
*Roger Federer (2007)
*Emanuel von Fellenberg (1943)
*Beat Fischer von Reichenbach (1975)
*Theodosius Florentini (1965)
*Nicholas of Flüe (1929, 1937)
*Auguste Forel (1971)
*Joachim Forrer (1941)
*Ludwig Forrer (1945)
*Stefano Franscini, economist, educator (1935)
*Jonas Furrer (1961)


*Salomon Gessner (1938)
*Alberto Giacometti (1972)
*Jean-Baptiste Girard (1933)
*Jules Gonin (1971)
*Jeremias Gotthelf (1930, 1954)
*Henri Guisan (1969)


*Johannes Hadlaub (1988)
*Albrecht von Haller (1934, 1958)
*The Hardegger (1988)
*Gustav Hasler (1980)
*Anna Heer (1963)
*Hermann Hesse (1979)
*Hans Herzog (1939)
*Karl Hilty (1959)
*Ferdinand Hodler (1953)
*Arthur Honegger (1972)
*Eugen Huber (1932)


*Jörg Jenatsch (1941)
* St John (1961)
*Carl Jung (1978)


*Paul Karrer, chemist (1997)
*Angelica Kauffmann (1990)
*Gottfried Keller (1940)
*Johann Kern (1980)
*Paul Klee (1979)
*Robert Koch (1971)
*Theodor Kocher (1967)


*Johann Kaspar Lavater (1941)
*St. Luke (1961)
*Carl Lutz, diplomat (1999)


*Carlo Maderno (1956)
*Thomas Mann (1979)
*Albert Manser, writer (2000)
*St Mark (1961)
*Frank Martin, composer (1985)
*St Matthew (1961)
*Conrad Ferdinand Meyer (1990)
*Walter Mittelholzer (1977)


*Johann Nägeli (1936)
*Alfred Nobel, chemist, inventor (1997)


*Susanna Orelli (1945)


*Paracelsus (1993)
*Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (1927, 1946)
*Auguste Piccard (1978)
*Charles Pictet de Rochemont (1955)
*Ludwig Pfyffer (1941)
*Munatius Plancus (1957)


*Charles Ferdinand Ramuz (1972)
*François de Reynold (1941)
*Daniel Jean Richard (1941)
*Niklaus Riggenbach (1942)
*Rainer Maria Rilke (1979)
*Alice Rivaz, writer (2001)
*Iris von Roten-Meyer, writer, painter (1996)
*Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1962)
*Rudolf of Neuchâtel (1988)
*Rudolf von Rotenburg (1988)

*Othmar Schoeck (1969)
*Christian Friedrich Schönbein, chemist (1999)
*Giovanni Segantini, painter (1999)
*Georges Simenon (1994)
*Eduard Spelterini (1977)
*Theophil Sprecher von Bernegg (1950)
*Johanna Spyri (1951)
*Madame de Staël (1969)
*Heinrich von Stephan (1974)
*Alexander Suvorov, Russian general (1999)


*William Tell (1914)
*Rodolphe Töpffer, cartoonist (1946, 1999)


*Alexandre Vinet (1931)


*Emil Welti (1932)
*Niklaus Wengi (1949)
*Johann Wettstein (1948)
*Ulrich Wille (1948)


*Alexandre Yersin (1971)


*Huldrych Zwingli (1969)
*Albericht Zwyssig (1954)


* Scott catalogue

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