Rings (short film)

Rings (short film)

name = Rings

writer = Ehren Kruger
Jonathan Liebesman
starring = Ryan Merriman
Emily VanCamp
Kelly Stables
Alex Breckenridge
Josh Wise
Justin Allen
Andrew D'Amico
director = Jonathan Liebesman
producer = Arnon Manor
Jeanette Volturno
movie_music =
distributor = DreamWorks SKG
released = March 8, 2005 (USA)
runtime = 16 min.
language = English
preceded_by = The Ring
followed_by = The Ring Two
budget =
music =
awards =
imdb_id = 0449092

"Rings" is a 2005 American horror short film. It was initially released as an extra disc with a re-release of "The Ring" on DVD. The events in "Rings" lead up to the sequel "The Ring Two", on whose DVD "Rings" is also included as a bonus feature.


Some time after the events of "The Ring", Samara Morgan's videotape has spread, as each person who sees the video makes a copy and shows it to someone else. A subculture has grown surrounding the video: people wait to see how close to the seven-day deadline they can get. When they get too freaked out to go on any longer, they show the tape to the next assigned person. During the interval, some create videos documenting their experiences to be posted to websites devoted to the videotape phenomenon. Groups that have watched the video are called "rings."

The movie is focused on Jake, the latest member of one such ring. The ring has also recruited its next member, Timmy who will watch the tape when Jake cracks. Eddie, a member, says that no one has ever been able to make it to day seven before cracking, and everyone who has have died. He tells Jake to make sure to record everything he sees. Jake is amazed at what he experiences at first, and Vanessa, another member, says she wants Jake to make it to day seven.

However, Jake's experiences soon turn scary, as he starts seeing visions of Samara suddenly popping up wherever he goes, and has a similar dream that Rachel had from the first movie of Samara grabbing his arm, leaving a bruise there. Jake also sees footage of a man who was the only one to have his video camera still on when Samara came to kill him, further pushing Jake over the edge.

After several more unsettling experiences, he cracks on the sixth day, but Timmy refuses to watch the tape, but it is revealed that Vanessa is the one who made Timmy refuse to watch the tape, as she wants to see what happens on day seven. However, this leaves Jake without someone to pass the curse onto.

By the next day, he's become so desperate he tries to play the video on the display models at an electronics store, but is caught and thrown out by a security guard who is a member of rings, and knows what the tape does. Jake begins dialing random numbers, hoping to find somebody to show the tape. Finally, he thinks of Emily, a girl he goes to school with. He invites her over without mentioning the video, and an hour before the deadline, she agrees to come, leading to the opening sequence of The Ring Two.


*As viral marketing, DreamWorks created the website "She Is Here", tying into the short film, which also allowed others to roleplay in the "Ring" universe as members of video "rings".
*If you turn the volume up during the scene where Jake is watching the video of the person who left his camera on when Samara killed him, you can hear the lines: "Who are you, little girl? Are you lost?" Samara simply says "Rachel," and the man with the camera questions "Who's Rachel? Is that your mommy?" at which point Samara kills him.

External links

* [http://www.theringworld.com/ The Ring World] - a fansite covering all aspects of Ringu works.
* [http://www.obrasilero.com/ring/ the Ring AREA] - Contains of the cursed videos of the Ring cycle and their scene-by-scene analyses, as well as lots of other useful information.
* [http://www.she-is-here.com/ She Is Here] - The DreamWorks viral marketing site, now run by fans of the franchise.
*imdb title|id=0449092|title=Rings

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