UA, ua, or U of A may refer to:

; Units of measure
* microamp (uA)
* Astronomical unit
* Unit of account

; Music
* UA (singer)
* "United Abominations", album by Megadeth

; Places
* Ukraine, ISO country code
* Upper Arlington, Ohio

; Gaming
* "Unearthed Arcana", Dungeons & Dragons sourcebook
* "Unknown Armies", role-play game

; Organisations
* ultrAslan, Galatasaray SK fan group
* Union Association, baseball league
* United Airlines, IATA airline designator
* United Artists, film studio
* United Association, trade union

; Other
* German submarine U-A, a German submarine of the Second World War
* Umbrella Academy graphic novel by Gerard Way
* Unauthorized Absence
* Under Armour, clothing brand
* Unitary authority, local government division in England
* Urbanized Area
* Uric acid
* urinalysis
* User agent, computer networking software class

; Schools
* University of Antwerp, Belgium
* University of Alberta, Canada
* University of Auckland, New Zealand
* Aveiro University, Portugal
* University of Aberdeen, Scotland
* University of Alcalá, Spain
* University of Alicante, Spain
* Union Academy, North Carolina
* University at Albany, SUNY, New York
* University of Akron, Ohio
* University of Alabama
* University of Alaska
* University of Arizona
* University of Arkansas
* Ursuline Academy

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