List of paraplegic people

List of paraplegic people

A list of people with paraplegia.

*Vic Chesnutt - American singer-songwriter, as a result of a car accident at age 18. []
*John Porter East - American politician, due to a bout of polio in 1955. []
*Frank Gardner (journalist) - Prominent BBC journalist who became paralysed after being shot 6 times at point blank range by Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia. []
*Chuck Graham - United States politician, as a result of an automobile accident at age 16. []
*Tanni Grey-Thompson - Paralympian born with Spina Bifida. []
*Rick Hansen - Canadian paralympian who was paralyzed in a car crash at age 15. []
*John Hockenberry - Journalist, blogger []
*Sharry Konopski - Model and actress, as a result of a car accident. []
*Charles Krauthammer - Conservative columnist and commentator. []
*Boris Kustodiev - Russian painter, became paraplegic due to tuberculosis of the spine. []
*Deng Pufang - Chinese royalty. []
*Franklin D. Roosevelt - American President, at the age of 39, due to Guillain-Barré syndrome or polio. []
*Wolfgang Schäuble - German politician, as a result of an assassination attempt in 1990. []
*Mike Utley - NFL player for the Detroit Lions paralyzed from the chest down due to an injury in a 1991 game. []

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