Norman Haire

Norman Haire, born Norman Zions (21 January 1892, Sydney – 11 September 1952, London) was an Australian medical practitioner and sexologist. He has been called "the most prominent sexologist in Britain" between the wars.[1]



After studying medicine at the University of Sydney, Zions took the name Haire and travelled to England. In 1920 he visited Berlin, meeting Magnus Hirschfeld. In London he became medical officer-in-charge of an early birth-control clinic, the Walworth Women's Welfare Centre.[1] By 1925 he had established an expensive private practice in Harley Street. He was secretary for the World League of Sexual Reform and organized its third congress in London in 1929.[2] Having popularised the Steinach rejuvenation operation throughout the 1920s, Haire performed it on W. B. Yeats in 1934.[3]

During the Second World War Haire returned to Australia, where his advocacy of contraception made him the focus of controversy.[4] He came back to London in 1946. In 1950, visiting the United States, he suffered a heart attack from which he never fully recovered.[1]

Haire's papers are held at the University of Sydney Library.[5]


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