Maratha Clan
Flag of the Maratha Empire.svg
Surname Nimbalkar
Clan Pawar
Caste Maratha
Lineage Claimed Suryavansha (Solar Clan) being Agnivanshi Branch.
Religion: Hinduism.[1]
Heraldic Title Agnipalak ( Parmarvarma )
Original kingdom Dhar
Other kingdom Phaltan, Nipani,
Capital Nimbalak, Rajale, Vinchurni, Tawadi, Wathar Nimbalkar, Wadgaon Nimbalkar, Adarki Khurd, Bombale.
Colour Red
Nishan Moon on flagpole.
Clan goddess Bhadrakali alias Bhavani alias Jagadambika.
Devak Edge of the sword or Kalamba (Mytragyna parviflora Tree OR Anthocephalus envamba Tree)
Gotra Vashishtha
Veda Rigveda.
Mantra Gayatri Mantra.
Locations Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Goa
Languages Marathi, Hindi.

The Nimbalkar ( निंबाळकर ) is a Maratha clan which claims Rajput origin from the ancient Parmar dynasty of Dhar.[citation needed] The clan and dynasty derives its surname from the village of Nimblak which is located in Phaltan taluka, Satara district, Maharashtra, India.[2]

The members of the Nimbalkar dynasty were the rulers of Phaltan from the era of the Yadava dynasty till the very end of the princely order in 1947. Many members of the family have served as sardars and other distinguished martial positions under the Deccan sultanates of the kingdoms of Adilshshah, Nizamshah, in the era of Shivaji and the era of the rule of the Peshwas. A few members of the family also served under the Nizam of Hyderabad.



The main ancestral city of the Nimbalkar is Phaltan, though they are also found in other regions Marathas inhabit.[3] The clan is linked to other clans prominent in Maratha history: King Shivaji's first wife Saibai was from Nimbalkar family. Deepaabai, the wife of Maloji Bhosale (Shivaji's grandfather) was also from Nimbalkar family.[4] Shivaji's maternal grandmother, mother of Jijabai, Mhalsabai was from Nimbalkar family of Phaltan. King Shivaji's daughter Sakhubai married Phaltan's Prince Mahadji Nimbalkar.


  • Bhosale from Satara,Kolhapur,Nagpur.
  • Dabhade of Talegaon Dabhade
  • Jadhav from Malegaon.
  • Ahirrao alias Ahirekar of Nagpur, Satara.
  • Shitole of Pune.
  • Shinde of Gwalior.
  • Ghorpade of Maharashtra and Karnataka.
  • Gaikwad from Baroda, Kolhapur.
  • Mane of Mhaswad.
  • Bhoite of Satara villages.
  • Savant of Savantwadi.


Khardekar, Naik Nimbalkar.


  • Padakla Jagdev Parmar, Rajput ruler and pioneer Maratha of this clan, father of Naik Nimbaraj.
  • Bajaji Rao Naik Nimbalkar, King Shivaji's Relative ( Son-in-law ) and Prominent Maratha Sardar of Maratha as well as Sultanets.He then Married to Kinhaikar Bhosale and Ahirekar Patils Daughters.[5]
  • Khanderao Naik Nimbalkar, Maratha leader in Panipat War (1761).[6]
  • Mudhoji Raje Naik Nimbalkar, notable Nimbalkar and Father of Modern Phaltan. His deeds can be compared to Only Shrimant Sayajirao Gaikawad of Baroda and Shrimant Rajarshi Shahu Bhosale of Kolhapur.[7]
  • Sultanji (Sultanrao s/o Haibatrao) Naik Nimbalkar,The Ruler of Kharda Sansthan and pioneer Khardekar. He secured all Nimbalkar's Governments in Maharashtra.


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