Amusement ride

Amusement ride

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An amusement ride is one of any number of devices found at carnivals, fairs/funfairs, or amusement parks meant to appeal to various senses of the rider.


Amusement Park rides

Larger rides, normally only found in amusement/theme parks:
*Balloon Race / Samba Balloon (Zamperla trade name)
*Condor (Huss Rides trade name)
*Dark rides
*Disk-O (Zamperla trade name)
*Drop towers
*Enterprise (Huss Rides trade name)
*Ferris wheels or Big wheels
*House of mirrors
*Looping Starship / Space Shuttle (Intamin AG trade name)
*Motion simulators
*Observation towers
**Gyro Towers
*Pendulum rides
**Freak Out (ride) (KMG trade name)
**Frisbees (Huss Rides trade name)
**Pirate Ship / Pharaoh's Fury / Sea Ray
**Screamin' Swing (S&S Power trade name)
*Roller coasters
**Horror train
*Sightseeing trains
*Sky Swat (S&S Power trade name)
*Swing Around/Apollo 2000 (Huss Rides trade name)
*Swing rides
*Top Spin (Huss Rides trade name)
*Topple Tower (Huss Rides trade name)
*Troika / Scorpion (Huss Rides trade name)
*Tumble Bug

Carnival or funfair/fair/fairground rides

Traditional and transportable rides found at carnivals/fairs, many of which may also be found in amusement parks:

*1001 Nacht / Ali Baba / Falling Star / Joker / Rainbow (also called Flying Carpet)
*Afterburner (ride) / Fireball (KMG trade name)
*Breakdance (Huss Rides trade name)
*Bumper cars or Dodgems
*Chair-O-Planes - swing ride
*Cliffhanger / Kite Flyer / Fly Away
*Crazy shake
*Crazy Wave / Gee Whiz / Moby Dick
*Enterprise (also called Millennium)
*Evolution (FarFabbri trade name)
*Flying Coaster (also called Ski Jump or Kangaroo)
*Freak Out
*Fun Slide
*Ghost train
*Gravitron / Starship 2000
*Helter Skelter or Slide
*Jump and Smile
*Kiddie ride
*Matterhorn / Flying Bobs
*Music Express / Himalaya / Rock N Roll / Silver Streak
*Octopus / Monster / Polyp / Spider
*Paratrooper or Umbrella Ride / Force 10
*Power Surge (Zamperla trade name)
*Quasar (also called swing)
*Reverse bungee (also called slingshot or ejection seat}
*Ring of Fire / Larson Fireball
*Round Up / Zero Gravity
*Saturn 6 / Hurricane / Downdraft
*Scrambler / Sizzler/ Twist (also called Twister)
*Shoot the Chute (Water Flumes etc)
*Spin Out (also known as Move-It)
*Super star
*Tip-top (similar to a Paratrooper, but the ride sends passengers upside down)
*Train rides, "kiddie ride" type
* Twin Flip
* Typhoon
*Wave Swinger
*Wipeout / Trabant (also called Satellite and the Mexican Hat)

Amusement ride manufacturers

Most new amusement rides are innovations of one of the major amusement ride manufacturers, and in fact many ride types are virtually brand names for particular product line. From time to time, individual rides are manufactured or reproduced by large engineering companies, but the major manufacturers in the history of amusement rides are:

*Aero Affiliates (USA)
*Arihant Industrial Corporation Ltd.INDIA []
*ARMUKLTD Amusement Ride Manufacturers []
*Bembom Rides (UK) []
*Bennetts (UK)
*Bertazzon (Italy/USA) []
*Cadoxton (UK)
*Chance Rides/Chance Morgan (USA) []
*Church (UK)
*Dartron Industries (USA) []
*Eli Bridge (USA) []
*Lee Eyerly (USA)
*Far Fabbri (Italy) - [ Megadrop]
*Gosetto Rides (Italy) []
*Gravity Works, Inc (USA) []
*Great Coasters International (USA) []
*Edwin Hall (UK)
*Hayes Fabrication (UK)
* [ Hindustan Amusement Machines (India)]
*Hopkins Amusement Rides (USA) []
*Huss Rides (Germany) []
*Intamin AG (Liechtenstein) []
*Ital International (USA) []
*Jacksons (UK)
*Caspar Klaus (Germany)
*KMG (Netherlands) - Kermis Machinebouw Gaasendam
*L & T Systems Amusement Rides (USA) []
*Lang Wheels (UK)
*Larson International (USA) []
*Lusse Company (UK)
*Mack Rides (Germany) []
* Maurer Söhne (Germany) []
*Maxwells (UK)
*Mondial Rides (Netherlands) []
*Moser Rides (Italy) []
*Mundial Park(Spain)
*Norson Power (UK)
*Owen Trailers (USA) []
*Premier Rides (USA) []
*Pollards (UK)
*Reverchon Industries (France) []
*Rollercoaster Corporation of America (USA)
*Ronald Bussink Professional Rides (Switzerland) []
*S&S Power Inc (USA) [] - Arrow Dynamics
*Safeco (Spain)
*Sally Corp (USA) []
*Sartori Rides Int'l Group (Italy) [] - Claudio Sartori
*SBF Rides (Italy) []
*Anton Schwarzkopf (Germany)
*Sellner Manufacturing Co (USA) []
*Smart Amusements Co (Australia) []
*Soli s.r.l. (Italy) []
*Joe and Perrin Stevens (UK)
*Superides International (UK) []
*Sywell Fabrications (Britain) - Henry Thurston
*Technical Park (Italy) []
*Thrilltime, Inc
*Tivoli Enterprises (UK) - Richard Woolls
*Top Fun (Italy) []
*Traver (US) (bought by Ralph E. Chambers in the 1930s)
*Vekoma (Netherlands) []
*Wards (UK)
*White Water West Industries (Canada) []
*Wisdom Rides (USA) []
*Zamperla (Italy) []
*Zierer (Germany) []

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* [ Rides Database] : Rides Database, the world's biggest funfair rides database.
* [ UK National Fairground Archive] ride histories.
* [] database of UK fairground rides.

External links

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