Let L-410 Turbolet

Let L-410 Turbolet

infobox Aircraft
name = Let L-410 Turbolet
type = Airliner, transport aircraft
manufacturer =Let Kunovice

caption =Let L-410MU at Kubinka
designer =
first flight = April 16 1969
introduced = 1970
retired =
status = Remains in service
primary user =Soviet Union (Aeroflot)
Czech Republic, Slovakia
more users =
produced =1971-
number built =1,138
unit cost =
variants with their own articles =
The Let-410 Turbolet is a twin engined short-range transport aircraft, manufactured by the Czech aircraft manufacturer LET, mostly used for passenger transport. The Let-410 first flew in 1969. It is a smaller version of the Let L-610.


Development of the L-410 was started in the 1960s by the Czechoslovakian aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice. The Soviet airline "Aeroflot" was looking for a turbine-powered replacement for the Antonov An-2 aircraft, initiating the design development by Let. After preliminary studies of an aircraft called the L-400, a new version was introduced called the L-410 Turbolet. The first prototype, designated XL-410, flew on April 16, 1969. Because of delays in the development of a suitable Czech engine (Walter M 601), the prototype and first production version were powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27 engines.

After M601 development was completed, the PT-6 engine was replaced by Walter M 601 engines coupled with Avia V508 three-blade propellers and the next variant was introduced, the L 410M.

A further version for Aeroflot was the L 410 UVP. This has improved performance in take-off and landing due to increased wing and tail area - STOL. However, due to an increased empty weight and a shift in the center of gravity, the aircraft had a decreased seating capacity: 15 passengers.

The L 410 UVP-E (the most common variant of the L 410) has increased maximum take-off weight to 6400 kg, M 601E engines with increased power, new five-blade propellers designated V 510 and the provision for wing tip tanks to increase fuel quantity. First flight was made in 1984, and production started in 1986.

The L-410 UVP-E9 and UVP-E20 are versions which vary from each other only by minor changes arising from various certification regulations. The last L 410 family member is the L 420 which uses the new Walter engine variant, the M 601F.

The L 410 UVP-E aircraft is an unpressurized all-metal high-wing commuter aircraft, powered by 2 reverse-flow Walter M 601 turboprop engines (2x560 kW take-off power) and Avia V 510 five-blade propellers. It is equipped with a retractable undercarriage. The aircraft uses two hydraulic circuits: main and emergency. The main electrical system operates with 28V DC. The de-icing system is leading edge pneumatic deicers and electrical heating of propellers, cockpit windshields and pitot-static system heads. Maximum take-off weight of the L 410 UVP-E is 6400 kg with the possibility of an increase to 6600 kg for the E9 and E20 variants, seating capacity 17 to 19. Cruise speed is 170 KIAS, maximum range about 770 nautical miles. The airplane is certified for IFR operation, CAT I ILS approach, and flights in icing conditions.

Of the more than 1,000 units built, roughly 500 remain in service. The majority were delivered to the former Soviet Union, but have been resold, particularly to airlines in Asia, Africa and South America. 40 aircraft are in use throughout Europe for commercial operation or skydiving. There are also an unknown number in Russia and Soviet breakaway states. The aircraft can be used with short or even unpaved runways.


;L-410: Prototype, three units built.;L-410A: First series with Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 turbo-prop engines. 12 units built.;L-410AB: Version with four-bladed propellers.;L-410AF: Aerial photo version supplied to Hungary.;L-410AG: With modified equipment.;L-410AS: Test aircraft, supplied to the USSR. Five airplanes built;L-410FG: Photogrammetry version;L-410M: Second series with Walter M601A engines.;L-410AM: version with improved M601B engines, also known as L-410MA or L-410MU.;L-410UVP: Third series, fundamentally modified. Main changes are a trunk, an extended wingspan by 0.80 m, Walter M601B engines, a higher horizontal stabilizer. The UVP variants possesses STOL characteristics (UVP=Russian for "short take-off and landing).;L-410UVP-S: Salon variant of the UVP with upward hinged entrance hatch.;L-410UVP-E: Re-equipped with Walter M601E engines, five-bladed propellers, additional fuel tanks at the wing ends.;L-410T: Transport variant of the UVP with larger loading hatch (1.25 m x 1.46 m), can transport 6 stretchers as a medical airplane + a medic, or 12 parachutists. It can also carry 1,000 kg of cargo containers.;L-420: Looks just like L-410UVP-E but has new M601F engines.



At August 2006 313 L-410 aircraft remain in airline service. Major operators include: Rivne Universal Avia (13), Atlantic Airlines de Honduras (10), Searca (9), South East Asian Airlines (7), NHT Linhas Aéreas (5), manx2.com (3), Tortug' Air (3), Kazan Air Enterprise (2) and Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos (2). Around 111 other airlines operate smaller numbers of the type. [Flight International, 3-9 October 2006]

2 or 3 L-410 aircraft in service with Kazair West, based in Atyrau Kazakhstan. Used on timetabled charter flying of oil workers to/from Tengiz Oilfield. (remark: I only ever saw 2, L-410 UVP-E, reg. nrs. UN-67611 and UN-67566),2 L-410 in service with Tri MG Indonesian charter flight

manx2.com aircraft generally serve routes from Isle of Man Ronaldsway to East Midlands, Blackpool, Belfast (City and International) and Gloucester Staverton M5


* Czech Republic
* (Estonian Border Guard Aviation Corps)
* Slovakia
* Slovenia

Former Military Operators
* Czechoslovakia (country no longer exists)
* (country no longer exists)
* (country no longer exists)


Periodical unavailability on parts and a lack of proper maintenance and training has been a constant battle among many smaller LET operators. A former South Floridian branch of Aerotec Gmbh with headquarters in Germany providing a basic support for Let-410 was purchased by [http://www.aviationmasters.net Aviation Masters, Inc.] . [ [http://www.aviationmasters.net Aviation Masters, Inc ] ] in 2000. By stocking thousands of line items of parts for all Let-410 models and for the Walter M 601 engines and by providing service, inspection and training the [http://www.aviationmasters.net Aviation Masters] has grown to a largest American based support company dedicated to Let-410 airplanes.

Tri MG Airline an Indonesian charter airline based in Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, Indonesia has been using Let-410 Turbolet for shuttle service between Surabaya to and from Jember a regency in the South East of Surabaya since early August 2008. The elapsed time of the flying is half an hour between Juanda Airport and Jember.


On August 6, 1977, a Let-410 crashed into the lake Balaton killing one man on board [ [http://www.viztorony.hu/L-410/ Víztorony.hu ] ] .

In the late 90's, an Air Parabat LET-410 was having some engine trouble. pilots tried feathering and un feathering the propeller, when the link broke, and the plane made an emergency landing in a field around Dhaka.

On September 10, 2001, a Let-410 carrying 19 people, including University of Washington Husky football fans, alumni and alumni association members crashed into the jungle in the Mexican state of Yucatan killing all on board [ [http://www.washington.edu/alumni/alumnitgdy/mem_mexindex.html UW Family Tragedy in Mexico ] ] .

On June 2, 2005, a Let-410 of Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos, reg. TG-TAG, carrying 17 passengers on board crashes near Zacapa shortly after take-off. The crew tried to return to the airfield after reporting technical problems. All crew and passengers survive the accident [http://www.prensalibre.com/pl/2005/junio/03/115781.html] .

On March 31, 2006, a Let-410 of the Brazilian TEAM airline went missing about 20 minutes after leaving the city of Macae. It crashed in a mountainous region east of Rio de Janeiro. All 17 passengers and two crew members on board were killedFact|date=September 2007.

On June 21, 2007, an Let-410 operated by Karibu Airways crashed shortly after taking off from Kamina Airport. One passenger, a member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was killed [ [http://www.monuc.org/news.aspx?newsID=14826 monuc.org: DRC MP killed in plane crash ::: 22/06/2007 ] ] .

On September 24, 2007, a Let-410 operated by Free Airlines and owned by Karibu Airways crashed on landing at Malemba Nkulu Airport killing one and injuring five. Loss of Hull: 9Q-CVL [ [http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20070924-1 Aviation Safety Net] ]

On October 8, 2007, a Let-410 UVP-E10A carrying 15 soldiers and 3 crew members crashed in Cerro Bravo, Colombia. [ [http://www.eltiempo.com/nacion/llano/2007-10-11/ARTICULO-WEB-NOTA_INTERIOR-3761687.html Aeronave con 15 militares y 3 tripulantes a bordo se accidentó, confirmó el Ejército - Archivo - Archivo digital eltiempo.com ] ] [ [http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=20071008-0 Aviation Safety Net] ]

On January 4, 2008, a Let-410 UVP-E, (SN: 872015) registration number YV2081, operated by Transaven carrying 18 passengers crashed near Islas Los Roques (SVRS), Venezuela. "See:" Los Roques Airport

In 2008, a Let 410 on lease to manx2.com suffered a tyre blowout at George Best Belfast City Airport.

pecifications (L-410 UVP-E)

Aircraft specifications
plane or copter?=plane
jet or prop?=prop

crew=2 (pilot, co-pilot)
capacity= 19 passengers or 1,710 kg of cargo
length main=14.42 m
length alt=47 ft 4 in
span main=19.48 m
span alt=63 ft 11 in
height main=5.83 m
height alt=19 ft 1 1/2 in
area main=35.18 m²
area alt=378.5 ft²
empty weight main=3,725 kg
empty weight alt=8,195 lb
loaded weight main= 5,800 kg
loaded weight alt= 12,760 lb
max takeoff weight main=6,400 kg
max takeoff weight alt=14,520 lb

engine (prop)=Walter M601E
type of prop=turboprop engines
number of props=2
power main=560 kW
power alt=750 hp

max speed main= 388 km/h
max speed alt=210 knots, 241 mph
cruise speed main= 311 km/h
cruise speed alt=168 knots, 194 mph
range main=1,040 km
range alt=562 nm, 646 mi
ceiling main=7,000 m
ceiling alt=22,960 ft
climb rate main= 468 m/min (90 m/min with one engine)
climb rate alt= 1,535 ft/min
loading main=
loading alt=
power/mass main=
power/mass alt=


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* [http://www.let.cz Company website]
* [http://www.aviationmasters.net Aviation Masters, Inc.]

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* Let L-610
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