Yorick (programming language)

Yorick (programming language)

Infobox programming language
name = Yorick

caption =
file_ext = .i
paradigm =
year = 1996
designer = David H. Munro
developer =
latest_release_version = 2.1.05
latest_release_date = January 10, 2008
latest_test_version =
latest_test_date =
typing =
implementations =
dialects =
influenced_by =
influenced =
operating_system = Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows
license = BSD
website = [http://yorick.sourceforge.net Yorick Home Page]

Yorick is an interpreted programming language designed for numerics, graph plotting and steering large scientific simulation codes. It is quite fast due to array syntax, and extensible via C or Fortran routines. It was created in 1996 by David H. Munro of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

External links

* [http://yorick.sourceforge.net Yorick Homepage]

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