Napier (surname)

Napier (surname)
Family name
Region of origin Scotland
Language(s) of origin English
Related names Napper, Napierala

Napier (play /ˈnpɪər/) is a surname with an English, Scottish or Polish origin. The British surname Napier is derived from an occupational name for someone who sold or produced table linen; or for a naperer which was a servant who was responsible for the washing and storage of linen in a medieval household. The surname is derived from the Middle English, Old French napier, nappier which is a derivative of the Old French nappe meaning "table cloth".[1] The earliest occurrences of the surname is of a Peter Napier in 1148 in the Winton Domesday; Ralph (le) Naper, le Napier in 1167-71; and Reginald le Nappere in 1225.[2] The surname can also be a shortened form of the Polish surname Napierala.[1]


Fictional persons

  • Carson Napier, fictional hero of Edgar Rice Burroughs Venus series
  • Declan Napier, fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbors
  • Jack Napier, fictional villain from Batman
  • Rebecca Napier, fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbors
  • Sean Napier, fictional character in Exosquad


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