VC may refer to:

* Venture capital, financing of growing businesses
* Vietcong A communist army during the Vietnam War
* Vice-Chancellor, the chief executive of a university
* Victoria Cross, the highest British and Commonwealth award for valour in the face of the enemy
* Video card
* Vigilance committee
* Vince Carter, a National Basketball Association player with the New Jersey Nets
* Vinyl chloride, a chemical used in the production of PVC
* Violoncello (usually abbreviated to cello), a bowed string instrument
* Virtual Console, a Nintendo video game download service for the Wii game console
* Visual Composer, a modeling tool
* Visual cryptography
* Vitamin C, an essential nutrient
* Voluntary controlled school
* In linguistics, a vowel-consonant syllable pattern
* Versus Christus, the Antichrist

VC may also refer to:

In computing and telecommunications:
* Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory, a computational learning theory
* Virtual circuit, a telecommunications arrangement
* Virtual console (computer user-interface), a combination of a computer display and keyboard
* Virtual container, part of the SDH/SONET architecture
* Visual C++, an integrated development environment product engineered by Microsoft for C and C++ programing languages
* Volkov Commander, a computer program for managing files

In entertainment:
* Vanessa Carlton, an American pop singer
* Vice City, a fictional city in the computer game series Grand Theft Auto
* Tien Len, aka Vietnamese Cards or VC, a traditional card game originating in Vietnam
* Violoncello, under the musical score abbreviation
* Visual Communications (VC), a non-profit Asian Pacific American media arts organization in Los Angeles
* Voyage Century, an MMORPG pirate game based on sailing in the trade winds era

In geography:
* the ISO country code for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a state in the Caribbean
* Vatican City, a sovereign city-state within Rome, Italy
* Watsonian vice-counties, subdivisions of Great Britain or Ireland

In transport:
* Holden VC Commodore, an automobile introduced by Holden in 1980
* Ocean Airlines, IATA airline designator
* VC speed, cruising speed in aircraft design
* Vehicular cycling, driving a bicycle on public roads
* Virginia Central Railroad, a U.S. railroad (AAR reporting mark)
* Voyageur Airways, IATA airline designator

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