List of Eastern Christianity-related topics

Alphabetical list of Eastern Christianity-related topics


* Abraham the Great of Kashkar
* Abuna
* Albanian Greek-Catholic Church
* Albanian Orthodox Church
* Alexandrian Rite
* Ancient Church of the East
* Antiochene Rite
* Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
* Antiochian Orthodox Church
* Archimandrite
* Armenian Apostolic Church
* Armenian Catholic Church
* Armenian Catholic Patriarchs
* Assyrian Church of the East
* Assyrian Evangelical Church
* Athenagoras (Patriarch)
* Autocephaly
* Avvakum


* Babai the Great
* Baptism of Kievan Rus'
* Baradaeus, Jacob
* Beglopopovtsy
* Belarusian Greek Catholic Church
* Belokrinitskaya Hierarchy
* Belokrinitskoe Soglasie
* Blachernitissa
* British Orthodox Church
* Bulgarian Orthodox Church
* Byzantine Catholic Metropolitan Church of Pittsburgh
* Byzantine Discalced Carmelites
* Byzantine Rite


* Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (Moscow)
* Cathedral of the Dormition
* Catholicos of the East
* Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia
* Catholic-Orthodox joint declaration of 1965
* Celtic Orthodox Church
* Catholic Chaldean Patriarchs of Babylon
* Chaldean Catholic Church
* Chaldean Syrian Church
* Christians in Iran
* Chora Church
* Church of Greece
* Church of the Holy Apostles
* Church of the Tithes
* Church Slavonic language
* Coptic Christianity
* Coptic Catholic Church
* Coptic language
* Coptic Orthodox Church
* Cypriot Orthodox Church
* Czech and Slovak Orthodox Church


* Danilov Monastery
* Dayro d-Mor Hananyo
* Dayro d-Mor Gabriel
* Desert Fathers
* Divine Liturgy
* Donskoy Monastery
* Dormition of the Theotokos


* East Syrian Rite
* Eastern Orthodox Church
* Eastern Orthodox Church calendar
* Eastern Orthodox Church organization
* Eastern Rite
* Eastern Rite Catholic Churches
* Ecumenical council
* Ecumenical Patriarch
* Encyclical of the Eastern Patriarchs
* Eparchy of Križevci
* Ephrem the Syrian
* Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church
* Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church


* Fedoseevtsy
* Finnish Orthodox Church
* Florovsky, Georges


* Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church
* Great Lent
* Greek-Catholic Melkite Church
* Greek Old Calendarists
* Greek Orthodox Church
* Greek Church of Alexandria
* Gregory Palamas


* Herman of Alaska
* Hesychasm
* Hilandar
* History of Christianity in Ukraine
* History of the Church of the East in Asia
* Holy Fire
* Holy Land
* Holy Synod
* Holy Synod of Jerusalem


* Ilia II
* Indian Orthodox Church
* Italo-Albanian Catholic Church


* Jacobite Orthodox Church
* Japanese Orthodox Church
* Jerusalem Patriarchate in America
* John Chrysostom
* John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco
* Joseph-Volokolamsk Monastery


* Kazan Cathedral
* Kiev Pechersk Lavra
* Khomyakov, Aleksey
* Khutyn Monastery
* Knanaya


* Latin Patriarch of Alexandria
* Latin Patriarch of Antioch
* Latin Patriarch of Constantinople
* Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem
* Lavra
* Lestovka
* Lipovan Orthodox Old-Rite Church
* List of Abunas
* List of Archbishops of Athens
* List of Armenian Catholicoi of Cilicia
* List of Armenian Patriarchs of Constantinople
* List of Armenian Patriarchs of Jerusalem
* List of Catholicoi of Armenia
* List of Coptic Orthodox Popes of Alexandria
* List of Greek Orthodox Patriarchs of Alexandria
* List of Melkite Greek Catholic Patriarchs of Antioch
* List of Metropolitans and Patriarchs of Moscow
* List of Orthodox jurisdictions in North America
* List of Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch
* List of Patriarchs of Alexandria
* List of Patriarchs of Antioch
* List of Patriarchs of Constantinople
* List of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs of Antioch
* Liturgy of Addai and Mari
* Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts


* Macedonian Orthodox Church
* Major archbishop
* Malabar Independent Syrian Church
* Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church
* Mar Thoma Church
* Mark the Evangelist
* Maron, John
* Maronite Church
* Metropolitan Cornelius
* Miaphysitism
* Middle East Council of Churches
* Monolithic church
* Monophysitism
* Mount Athos


* Nestorianism
* Nestorius
* Nikolai of Japan


* Old Believers
* Old calendarists
* Old Church Slavonic
* Omophorion
* Optina Monastery
* Oriental Orthodoxy
* Orientalium Ecclesiarum
* Orthodox Church of Antioch
* Orthodox Church of Constantinople
* Orthodox Church of Jerusalem
* Orthodox Church in America
* Orthodox Church in Italy
* Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric


* Panagia
* Patriarch Alexius II
* Patriarch Bartholomew I
* Patriarch Irenaios
* Patriarch of Alexandria
* Paulos (Abune)
* Pimen I (Patriarch)
* Pechersky Ascension Monastery
* Polish Orthodox Church
* Pomorian Old-Orthodox Church
* Popovtsy
* Prosphora


* Rogozhskoye cemetery
* Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic
* Romanian Orthodox Church
* Rublev, Andrei
* Russian Catholic Church
* Russian icons
* Russian Old-Orthodox Church
* Russian Orthodox Church
* Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
* Russian Orthodox Old-Rite Church
* Ruthenian Catholic Church


* Sabbah, Michel
* Saint Basil's Cathedral
* Saint Catherine's Monastery, Mount Sinai
* Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev
* Saint Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod
* Saint Thomas Christians
* Saints Cyril and Methodius
* Serbian Orthodox Church
* Sergius (Tikhomirov) of Japan (Metropolitan)
* Sobor
* Sorsky, Nil
* Standing Conference of Orthodox Bishops in America
* Starets
* Studenica monastery
* Sui iuris
* Synod of Diamper
* Syriac Catholic Church
* Syriac Christianity
* Syriac Orthodox Church
* Syro-Malankara Catholic Church
* Syro-Malabar Church


* Tekle Haymanot
* Teoctist
* Theodore of Mopsuestia
* Theodore II of Alexandria (Patriarch)
* Theofilos III of Jerusalem (Patriarch)
* Theotokos of St. Theodore
* Theotokos of Vladimir
* Tikhon of Moscow
* Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral
* Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra


* Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
* Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
* Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Kiev Patriarchy
* Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchy
* Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
* Union of Brest


* Valaam Monastery
* Varkey Cardinal Vithayathil
* Volodymyr (Viktor Sabodan) (Metropolitan)
* Velichkovsky, Paisius (Saint)


* Wasyly (Metropolitan)


* Yurodivy

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