Vehicular combat game

Vehicular combat game

Vehicular combat (also known as car combat) games are typically video or computer games where the primary focus of play concerns automobiles or other motor vehicles, normally armed with guns or other weaponry, attempting to destroy vehicles controlled by the CPU or by opposing players. The genre normally features a variety of different vehicles available for play, each with its own strengths, weaknesses, and special attack abilities. Players may also unlock hidden vehicles by completing certain in-game tasks. Traditionally, vehicular combat games focus on fast-paced action inside the vehicle, rarely, if ever, concerning themselves with role-playing or other elements. Games may include racing themes, but they are generally secondary to the action.


Vehicular combat games normally follow a simple play pattern; the player must defeat increasing numbers of increasingly skilled enemies, often in increasingly complex battlefields, before facing off against a final, super-powerful, boss character. Vehicular combat games differ from traditional racing games both in the combat aspect and in the general lack of any set path for players to follow, instead allowing them to explore each level at their leisure.The complexity and strategy required to complete games vary, from the careful resource maintenance and intense story-driven plotlines of the "Interstate '76" series to straight-forward smashups like "World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour". Often the primary plot will involve a contest or competition of some sort, encouraging the various characters to fight and destroy one another to obtain a reward. The "Twisted Metal" series is especially well known for the black humor found in its ending sequences.


Car Combat

* "187 Ride or Die"
* "Auto Assault"
* "Autoduel"
* "Bandits Phoenix Rising"
* "BattleWheels"
* "Burnout" series
* "Car Combat"(Retro Studios)
* "Carmageddon" series
* "Cel Damage"
* ""
* "Crashday"
* ""
* "Dead in the Water"
* "Death Race"
* "Death Rally"
* "Deathtrack"
* "Destruction Derby" series
* "D.I.P.R.I.P."
* "Fired Up"
* "FlatOut" series
* Full Auto series
** "Full Auto"
** ""
* ""
* Interstate series
** "Interstate '76"
** "Interstate '82"

* ""
* "Lego Racers"
* "Lego Racers 2"
* "Lucky & Wild"
* "Mad Truckers", a 3D racing arcade
* "Mario Kart", with Nintendo's usual character line-up.
* "Mashed" series
* MegaRace series
** "MegaRace"
** "MegaRace 2"
* "Motor Mayhem"
* "Necrodome"
* "Novadrome"
* Pursuit Force series
** "Pursuit Force"
** ""
* "Quarantine"
* ""
* "Redline"
* ""
* "Saints Row"Though not dedicated to vehicular combat, it is part of the gameplay.]
* "Spy Hunter" series
* "Swypeout
* "Streets of SimCity"
* "Toy Commander"
* "Twisted Metal" series
* "Vigilante 8" series
* "World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Crush Hour"
* "The WheelMan"

Motorcycle Combat

* "Extreme-G" series
* "Road Rash" series

Tank Combat

* "Alien Front Online"
* "Battle Tanx" series
* "Recoil"
* "Steel Reign"
* "Tread Marks"
* "Wild Metal"

Boat Combat

* "Blood Wake"
* "Critical Depth"
* "Dead In The Water"

pace Vehicle Combat

* ""
* "X"


("List of games in which use more than one vehicle during gameplay")
* "Battlefield" series
* ""
* "Grand Theft Auto" series
* "Halo" series
* "Operation Flashpoint" series
* "Unreal Tournament 2004"
* "Tribes_(series)"

Mecha Combat

This sub-genre of vehicular combat involves Mech robots, or Mecha, as the vehicle for combat. For most mech games, they are played in either first-person or third-person view style. Other games are based on popular Anime TV shows such as the various Gundam series, "Robotech", and "Evangelion". Also, games with a mech theme are featured in RPG games such as "Xenosaga" and the "Front Mission" series.
* "Armored Core" series
* "Custom Robo" series
* "Chromehounds"
* "Earthsiege"
* "Eureka 7" video games
* "Front Mission" series - A tactical RPG mecha series.
* "Heavy Gear"
* "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" video games
* "MechWarrior" Series
* "Mobile Suit Gundam" video games
* "Neon Genesis Evangelion" video games
* "Robot Alchemic Drive"
* "Robotech" video games
* "Starsiege"
* "Slave Zero"
* "Steel Batallion"
* ""
* "Super Robot Wars" series
* "Transformers" video games
* "Virtual On"
* "Xenogears"
* "Xenosaga"
* "Zone of the Enders" series

Kart racers with battle modes

Battle modes for kart racing games are deathmatch battles influenced by the characters, karts and weapons used in the mode. The Mario Kart series demonstrates this kind of mode in its previous installments.

Mario Kart Series
*"Super Mario Kart"
*"Mario Kart 64"
*"Mario Kart DS"
*"Mario Kart Wii"

Crash Kart Series
*"Crash Team Racing"
*"Crash Nitro Kart"
*"Crash Tag Team Racing"

Other Kart racers with battle modes
*"Cel Damage"
*"Charinko Heroes"
*"Cocoto Kart Racer"
*"Freaky Flyers"
*"Diddy Kong Racing"
*"Speed Punks"
*"Wacky Races"
*"Wacky Wheels"
*"Walt Disney's Magical Racing Tour"

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