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Shironamhin is a Bangladeshi band. Zia and Tuhin started the band in 1996. The band released two full albums and many mixed albums. Their debut album was Jahazi in the year of 2004.They made a good use of bengali instruments.


*Stance: Guitar, Bass.
*Playing since: 1990
*Date of birth: 07.01.75
*Favorite band: Pink floyd,Dire straits,Metallica, Sepultura, Doors, Led zeppelin, Black sabath, Rainbow.
*Favorite Musician: Bethoven, Mozart, Zakir hossain, L Subramonium. Marty friedman.
*X band: Thrashold

*Stance: Lead guitar.
*Playing since: 1992
*Date of birth: 25.10.79
*Favorite band: Pink floyd, Dream theater, Dire straits, U2
*Favorite Musician: Satriani, steve vei, Santana
*X band: Dark fate.

*Place in the band: Drummer.
*Playing since: 2001
*Date of birth: 03.08.86
*Favorite band: Metallica, Dream theatre, Pink floyd.
*Favorite Musician: L. Ulrich
*X band: x

*Place in the band: Vocal.
*Singing since: 1984
*Date of birth: 26.09.74
*Favorite band: Pink floyd, Lalon, Bob Dylan, Eric clapton.
*X band: x

*Place in the band: Keys.
*Singing since: 2007
*Date of birth: 01.01.85
*Favorite band: Pink floyed, Doors, Bob Dylan, Bethoven.
*X band: Shohor

Former members

*A.Y. Tusher: Sarod
*Prince : Keys


Zia was in the band name Thrashold. The band was officially dismissed. Then he starts Shironamhin with Tuhin.They starts Shironamhin in 1996.They have made a two full albums and many mixed albums.They have made the band popular by using their own style of instruments and vesetility of composition.They made a good style of music.Shironamhin released their first album in 2004.The name of the album was Jahazi.The album got a good popularity and became a good albums of the year 2004.After two years they made a new full albums named Icche Ghuri.It earned a huge popularity.The last mixed album of Shironamhin was Neon Aloy Shawgtom(Band mixed; cordinated by Zia and Galib-Shohortoli).Shironamhin belives that it is possible to find a proper tune for a proper lyric.

After Jahaji and Ichchhe Ghuri,"Bondho Janala " is their third album title of Band Shironamhin.Its Producing on their own works station called "Pray Shironam"...

11 tracks will be published in the album.Among them;the song titled "bullet kimba kobita" which iz quite differant from its ploting and texture. Busstpedge and bondho Janala can be a hit number.Is because ,SH has introduced the Orchestral influences and Quoire vocal(simin n' elita) there


Shironamhin performed in many underground and mainstream.They have seen to performed in mainsteam open air concerts mostly.Shironamhin performed in NAM Conference hall with LRB & Reneissance for NTV's third anniversary as the representative of 3rd generation as LRB & reneissance were playing the role for the other two generations. Shironamhin got a good popularity from concerts. Shironamhin perorfmed another concert in Nazrul Institute on 1 may 2007 by 3rd Generation Showbiz.Shironamhin performed a few concert in Bashundhara City on 4th july. Shironamhin showed pretty music of bangladeshi instrument in the concerts.


;Released SOLO Albums
*Jahazi (2004)
*Icche Ghuri (2006)

;Upcoming SOLO Albums
*Bondho janala coming in December 2008 []

Mixed Albums

*Neon Aloy Shagotom (2007)


*Title Song(Coffee House-Manna Dey) Covered for a Television Drumma Serial called "Coffee House" 2007


;Best Band 2005, CJFB:Shironamhin has been nominated as the best band 2005 & 2006 by CJFB (Cultural Journalist Forum of Bangladesh). The award giving ceremony was held at NAM CONFERENCE HALL, on 13 August []

Best Music Video:Shironamhin has won the best music video award for pakhi at the citycell-channel I music award 2006. []



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