Hu San Niang

Hu San Niang (扈三娘) is a character in the "Water Margin".

Hu San Niang is the daughter of Lord Hu of the Hu Family Village at Dulong Ridge. She wore a golden helmet, a red robe covered by a suit of armour and a silk belt. She was good-looking and was an expert in martial arts. She wielded a pair of sabres into combat and could resist many enemies at the same time, thus earning herself the nickname 'Ten feet of Green' (一丈青).

When the Liangshan heroes were attacking the Zhu Family Village, Hu San Niang came to the Zhus' aid. She challenged the heroes in battle and was met on by the lustful Wang Ying. Wang Ying announced that he would capture Hu and make her his slave, but he was no match for Hu and was captured by Hu instead. Hu San Niang then continued fighting with Ou Peng and Ma Lin without any sign of weariness, and pursued Song Jiang. Song lured her into an ambush and she was eventually caught by Lin Chong, and escorted back to Liangshan.

Hu San Niang's elder brother Hu Cheng came to plead with Song Jiang to release his sister, and Song Jiang agreed that he would release her if Hu Cheng can capture one of the Zhus in exchange for her. The Liangshan heroes managed to conquer the Zhu Family Village in the end, and Hu Cheng captured Zhu Biao, hoping to exchange him for his sister. However, Li Kui killed Zhu Biao and tried to kill Hu Cheng, blaming that Hu Cheng's sister was the one responsible for Wang Ying's capture. Then, Li Kui charged into the Hu Family Village and killed all the Hus, but Hu Cheng escaped.

Back in Liangshan, Song Jiang managed to persuade Hu San Niang to join the Liangshan band, and she became his sworn sister. Song Jiang offered to be the matchmaker, and Wang Ying and Hu San Niang were married. Hu San Niang became one of the leaders of the Liangshan cavalry along with her husband.

After the heroes had obtained amnesty from the government, Hu San Niang followed the heroes on their campaigns against the Liao Tartars and southern rebels. During the Fang La campaign, Hu San Niang and her husband were both assigned to attack Muzhou. They faced Zheng Mojun in battle and Wang Ying was slain by Zheng. Hu San Niang was shocked and tried to avenge Wang Ying but was killed by Zheng Mojun's flying bricks in the end.

Films and TV adaptations

In the 1997 TV serial from Mainland China based on the novel, Hu San Niang was played by Zheng Shuang. She was trampled to death by Fang Mao's horse and died together with her husband when both of them tried to entrap Fang.

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