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AD and Ad may refer to:

*Anno Domini, Latin for "In the Year of (Our) Lord", applied to years in the proleptic Gregorian calendar following 1 BC.
*Advertisement, the promotion of an item, service, company, and/or idea

Media and culture

* "", a serialized webcomic on SMITH Magazine
*Ad, columnist in the English newspaper, "The Saturday Sport" (see also International Fanny Magnet)
*AD (band), a Christian rock band from 1984-1988
*AD (finnish band), Acción Directa, a Finnish industrial band.
*AD Music, record label
*Algemeen Dagblad, a Dutch newspaper
*"American Dad!", a Fox Network animated program
*Anno Domini (gallery), a contemporary art gallery in San Jose, California
*"Arrested Development", an emmy award winning Fox Network TV program
*Art director, the administrator in charge of art and design for a magazine or newspaper
*Assistant director, a film crew member who manages various tasks
*"at", "to", or "for", in some Latin phrases (such as "ad lib" or "ad nauseam")
*Athletic director, the administrator of the athletics program, usually at an educational institution
*Academic Decathlon, a United States high school based academic competition
*AD, The Creative people, Russian Art Lab

Politics and history

*Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees
**.ad, Andorra's ccTLD (Internet Country Code Top Level Domain)
**Andorra's ISO 3166-1 country code
*Action Directe (terrorist group), a French left-wing terrorist group
*Democratic Action (Spanish: "Acción Democrática"), a Venezuelan social democratic party
*Democratic Alternative (Malta) (Maltese: "Alternattiva Demokratika"), the Maltese Green party
*Aad (Omani tribe), a destroyed civilization mentioned in the Quran
*Anno Diocletiani, the Era of (Emperor) Diocletian, an alternate year-numbering start date


*Air defence, anti-aircraft weaponry and systems
*Accidental discharge, the mistaken firing of a firearm
*Active duty, a status of full duty or service, usually referencing full service in the armed forces
*Destroyer Tender (US Navy Hull Classification: AD), support ships to aid the operation of a fleet of destroyers
*The Air Department, part of the British Admiralty

cience and technology

* Adenovirus, viruses of the family Adenoviridae.
* Alzheimer's disease, a disease leading to the degeneration of neural function and dementia, usually seen in older people
* Active Directory, a component of Microsoft Windows that provides distributed user management and authentication
* Aggregate demand, the total demand curve of an entire economy that is the sum of each individual's demand
* Automatic differentiation, a way to speedily compute derivatives in computer programming
* Axiom of determinacy, a set theory axiom inconsistent with the Axiom of Choice
* The Antiproton Decelerator, a machine to cool down antiprotons at the CERN physics laboratory
* Autodynamics, an alternate to special relativity proposed by Ricardo Carezani in physics
* Audio description, a narration track for blind and visually impaired viewers of media such as TV and film
* Administrative domain, a collection of hosts and routers into one network
* Analog Devices, a multinational producer of semiconductor devices.
* Analog-to-digital converter (A/D), a circuit which converts continuous analog signals to discrete digital values
* Active Disassembly, a technology involving specially designed building materials and components which are sturdy yet can easily be decomposed
* Atypical depression, a depression that still allows one to feel positive moods.
* Adamantyl ("Ad"), an abbreviation in organic chemistry for Adamantyl
* Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation, an abbreviation in organic chemistry for Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation


* Airworthiness Directive, requirements on legal usage of aircraft given by the FAA
* Air Paradise (IATA code: AD), a defunct Indonesian airline


* Ad Tak, Dutch cyclist
* Adalius Thomas, football player
* Antonio Davis, basketball player
* Antonio Daniels, basketball player
* Adrian Peterson, football player, for "All Day"


*Associate's Degree, an academic degree

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