Kinesis (keyboard)

The Kinesis line of ergonomic computer keyboards are an alternative to the traditional keyboard design. Most widely known among these are the "contoured" "Advantage" line, which feature recessed keys in two "bucket-like" hollows which allow the fingers to reach keys with less effort as well as a central array of modifiers such as enter, alt, backspace, control, etc. where they can be pressed with the thumbs. All Kinesis keyboards (except the Essential) support key re-mapping capability; some models come with the Dvorak layout built in. Fact|date=July 2008


The Kinesis line of keyboards are often used by those who type throughout the work-day, and thus suffer or are at higher risk for such injuries as RSI. Fact|date=July 2008Because of the willingness to adopt new technologyFact|date=July 2008, the Kinesis was first widely used among computer programmersFact|date=July 2008, who continue to be a major market for the devices.Fact|date=July 2008


The Kinesis Advantage silver model is the keyboard used in the movie "Men in Black", in the scene in terminal where Will Smith accidentally unleashes the floating silver ball. Fact|date=July 2008

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