List of emotions

List of emotions

This is a list of emotions.

toic view of emotion

Stoicism named four primary passions:

* Distress is an irrational contraction or a fresh opinion that something bad is present at which people think it right to be depressed.
**Envy is distress incurred by reason of a neighbor's prosperity.
**Rivalry is distress, should another be in possession of the object desired and one has to go without it oneself.
**Jealousy is distress arising from the fact that the thing one has coveted oneself is in the possession of the other man as well as one's own.
**Compassion is distress arising from the wretchedness of a neighbor in undeserved suffering.
**Anxiety is oppressive distress.
**Mourning is distress arising from the untimely absence of a beloved object.
**Sadness is tearful distress.
**Troubledness is burdensome distress.
**Grief is torturing distress.
**Lament is distress accompanied by wailing.
**Depression is distress accompanied by brooding.
**Vexation is lasting distress.
**Despondency is distress without any prospect of amelioration.

*Fear is an irrational risk aversion or avoidance of an expected risk.
**Sluggishness is fear of ensuing toil.
**Shame is fear causing diffusion of blood.
**Fright is paralyzing fear which causes paleness, trembling and chattering of teeth.
**Timidity is fear of approaching evil.
**Consternation is fear upsetting the mind balance.
**Pusillanimity is fear following on the heels of fright like an attendant.
**Bewilderment is fear paralyzing thought.
**Faintheartedness is lasting fear.

*Lust is an irrational desire or pursuit of an expected good.
**Revenge is lust of punishing the man who is thought to have inflicted an undeserved injury.
**Rage is anger springing up and suddenly showing itself.
**Hatred is inveterate anger.
**Enmity is anger watching as opportunity for revenge.
**Wrath is anger of greater bitterness conceived in the innermost heart and soul.
**Greed is insatiable lust.
**Longing is lust of beholding someone who is not present.

*Delight is an irrational swelling or a fresh opinion that something good is present at which people think it right to be mania.
**Malice is pleasure derived from a neighbor's evil which brings no advantage to oneself.
**Rapture is pleasure soothing the soul by charm of the sense of hearing.
**Smug is arrogance and a feeling of knowing everything
**Ostentation is pleasure shown in outward demeanor and puffing oneself out extravagantly.

Plutchik's wheel of emotions

Robert Plutchik created a wheel of emotions in 1980 which consisted of 8 basic emotions and 8 advanced emotions each composed of 2 basic ones. [cite web | url = | title = The Nature of Emotions | last = Plutchik | first = R | authorlink = Robert Plutchik | accessdate = 2008-05-08 ]

Lojban emotions

The artificial language Lojban has interjections expressing degrees of emotions. These include:
*Simple emotions
**discovery - confusion
**gain - loss
**generosity - greed
**surprise - no surprise - expectation
**wonder - commonplace
**happiness - unhappiness
**amusement - weariness
**completion - incompleteness
**caring - loving
**courage - timidity - cowardice
**pity - cruelty
**repentance - lack of regret - innocence
*Complex emotions
**pride - modesty - shame
**closeness - detachment - distance
**complaint/pain - doing OK - pleasure
**caution - boldness - rashness - drama
**patience - mere tolerance - anger
**relaxation - composure - stress
*Pure emotions
**fear - nervousness - security
**togetherness - privacy
**respect - disrespect
**appreciation - envy
**love - indifference - hatred
**familiarity - mystery
*Propositional attitudes
**attentive - inattentive - avoiding
**alertness - exhaustion
**intent - indecision - refusal
**effort - no real effort - repose
**hope - despair
**desire - indifference - reluctance
**interest - no interest - repulsion
*Complex propositional attitudes
**permission - prohibition
**competence - incompetence
**obligation - freedom
**constraint - independence - resistance to constraint
**request - negative request
**suggestion - no suggestion - warning
**understand - confused

ee also

* Affect
* Emotional mood
* Emotion and memory
* Empathy
* Facial expression


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