Proprietary name for taxol.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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  • Paclitaxel — Systematic (IUPAC) name (2α,4α,5β,7β,10β,13α) 4,10 bis(acetyloxy) …   Wikipedia

  • Paclitaxel — es un fármaco utilizado para el tratamiento del cáncer. Fue descubierto por el Research Triangle Institute (RTI) en 1968 cuando Monroe E. Wall y Mansukh C. Wani aislaron el compuesto que se encuentra en la corteza del Tejo del Pacífico, Taxus… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Paclitaxel — Général Nom IUPAC acide β (benzoylamino) α hydroxy 6,12b bis(acétyloxy) 12 (benzoyloxy) 2a,3,4,4a,5,6,9,10,11,12,12a,12b dodécahydro 4,11 dihydroxy 4a,8,13,13 tétraméthyl 5 oxo 7,11 méthano 1 H cyclodéca(3,4)b …   Wikipédia en Français

  • paclitaxel — un fármaco semi sintético, obtenido a partir del taxol, utilizado en el tratamiento del cáncer del mama estructura química Diccionario ilustrado de Términos Médicos.. Alvaro Galiano. 2010 …   Diccionario médico

  • Paclitaxel — Strukturformel Allgemeines Freiname Paclitaxel Andere Namen …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • paclitaxel — A drug used to treat breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and AIDS related Kaposi’s sarcoma. It is also used together with another drug to treat non small cell lung cancer. Paclitaxel is also being studied in the treatment of other types of cancer. It… …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • paclitaxel — noun Etymology: Pacific yew + litax (perhaps from Taxus brevifolia) + el (alteration of 1 ol or 3 ol) Date: 1992 an antineoplastic drug C47H51NO14 originally derived from the bark of the Pacific yew but now typically derived as a semisynthetic… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • paclitaxel — pac·li·tax·el (păk lĭ tăkʹsəl) n. An anticancer drug derived from the bark of the Pacific yew tree and used in the treatment of ovarian and breast cancer that has not responded to prior therapy.   [Pacific yew + New Latin (Taxus brevifō)li(a),… …   Universalium

  • paclitaxel — noun A particular drug used in chemotherapy …   Wiktionary

  • paclitaxel — Antitumor agent that promotes microtubule assembly by preventing depolymerization; currently used in salvage therapy for metastatic carcinoma of ovary. * * * pac·li·tax·el .pak li tak səl n an antineoplastic agent C47H51NO14 that was orig.… …   Medical dictionary

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