pseudopodium or pseudopod
A nonpermanent cytoplasmic extension of the cell body by which amoebae and amoeboid organisms move and feed.

Microbiology. . 2009.

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  • pseudopodium — [so͞o΄dōpäd΄so͞o΄də pō′dē əm] n. pl. pseudopodia [so͞o΄dō pō′dēə] [ModL: see PSEUDO & PODIUM] a temporary projection of the protoplasm of certain one celled organisms or of certain cells in multicellular animals, serving as a means of moving… …   English World dictionary

  • pseudopodium — /sooh deuh poh dee euhm/, n., pl. pseudopodia / dee euh/. Biol. pseudopod. [1850 55] * * * ▪ cytoplasm also called  pseudopod        temporary or semipermanent extension of the cytoplasm, used in locomotion and feeding by all sarcodine protozoans …   Universalium

  • pseudopod — noun Etymology: New Latin pseudopodium Date: 1874 pseudopodium • pseudopodal or pseudopodial adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pseudopod — pseudopodal /sooh dop euh dl/, pseudopodial /sooh deuh poh dee euhl/, pseudopodic, adj. /sooh deuh pod /, n. Biol. a temporary protrusion of the protoplasm, as of certain protozoans, usually serving as an organ of locomotion or prehension. Also… …   Universalium

  • pseudopodium — A temporary protoplasmic process, put forth by an ameboid stage or amebic protozoan for locomotion or for prehension of food. SYN: pseudopod. [pseudo + G. pous, foot] * * * pseu·do·po·di·um .süd ə pōd ē əm n …   Medical dictionary

  • pseudopod — noun A temporary projection of the cytoplasm of certain cells, such as phagocytes, or of certain unicellular organisms, such as amoebas, that serves in locomotion. Syn: pseudopodium …   Wiktionary

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