compound ocellus
Any ocellate spot containing three or more circles of color.

Online Dictionary of Invertebrate Zoology. . 2005.

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  • ocellus — [ō sel′əs] n. pl. ocelli [ō sel′ī΄] [L, dim. of oculus,EYE] 1. the simple eyespot of certain invertebrates, as distinguished from the compound eye of an insect or the camera type eye of vertebrates and cephalopods 2. an eyelike spot, as on a… …   English World dictionary

  • Ocellus — An ocellus (plural: ocelli) is a type of photoreceptor organ in animals. Also called simple eyes , ocelli are miniature eyes capable of sensing light but not distinguishing its direction. See also stemmata, which are structurally similar. Ocelli… …   Wikipedia

  • ocellus — 1. The simple eye found in many invertebrates. SYN: eyespot (2). 2. Facet of the compound eye of an insect. [L. dim. of oculus, eye] * * * ocel·lus ō sel əs n, pl ocel·li sel .ī, (.)ē a minute simple eye or eyespot of an invertebrate ocel·lar ō… …   Medical dictionary

  • ocellus — /oʊˈsɛləs/ (say oh seluhs) noun (plural ocelli /oʊˈsɛlaɪ/ (say oh seluy)) 1. an unpaired compound eye present in some arthropods. 2. an eye like spot, as on a peacock feather. {Latin, diminutive of oculus eye} …   Australian English dictionary

  • ocellus — n. (pl. ocelli) 1 each of the simple, as opposed to compound, eyes of insects etc. 2 a spot of colour surrounded by a ring of a different colour on the wing of a butterfly etc. Derivatives: ocellar adj. ocellate adj. ocellated adj. Etymology: L,… …   Useful english dictionary

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