Lattermath \Lat"ter*math\, n. [Cf. {Aftermath}.] The latter, or second, mowing; the aftermath. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • lattermath — noun a) The latter (i.e. second) mowing, a second crop of grass grown after the first was harvested b) The later result(s), consequence(s), further development(s) …   Wiktionary

  • lattermath — ˈ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷ˌ ̷ ̷ noun Etymology: latter + math (mowing) now dialect England : aftermath …   Useful english dictionary

  • latter — 1. adjective /ˈlæt.ə(ɹ)/ a) relating to or being the second of two items b) near (or nearer) to the end Ant: aforesaid, aforementioned, former See Also …   Wiktionary

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  • rowen — n. Aftermath, eddish, lattermath, rowett …   New dictionary of synonyms

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