Heliocentric He`li*o*cen"tric (h[=e]`l[i^]*[-o]*s[e^]n"tr[i^]k), Heliocentrical He`li*o*cen"tric"al (h[=e]`l[i^]*[-o]*s[e^]n"tr[i^]*kal), a. [Helio- + centric, centrical: cf. F. h['e]liocentrique.] (Astron.) pertaining to the sun's center, or appearing to be seen from it; having, or relating to, the sun as a center; -- opposed to {geocentrical}. [1913 Webster]

{Heliocentric parallax}. See under {Parallax}.

{Heliocentric place}, {latitude}, {longitude}, etc. (of a heavenly body), the direction, latitude, longitude, etc., of the body as viewed from the sun. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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