Half tide
Half Half (h[aum]f), a. [AS. healf, half, half; as a noun, half, side, part; akin to OS., OFries., & D. half, G. halb, Sw. half, Dan. halv, Icel. h[=a]lfr, Goth. halbs. Cf. {Halve}, {Behalf}.] 1. Consisting of a moiety, or half; as, a half bushel; a half hour; a half dollar; a half view. [1913 Webster]

Note: The adjective and noun are often united to form a compound. [1913 Webster]

2. Consisting of some indefinite portion resembling a half; approximately a half, whether more or less; partial; imperfect; as, a half dream; half knowledge. [1913 Webster]

Assumed from thence a half consent. --Tennyson. [1913 Webster]

{Half ape} (Zo["o]l.), a lemur.

{Half back}. (Football) See under 2d {Back}.

{Half bent}, the first notch, for the sear point to enter, in the tumbler of a gunlock; the halfcock notch.

{Half binding}, a style of bookbinding in which only the back and corners are in leather.

{Half boarder}, one who boards in part; specifically, a scholar at a boarding school who takes dinner only.

{Half-breadth plan} (Shipbuilding), a horizontal plan of one half a vessel, divided lengthwise, showing the lines.

{Half cadence} (Mus.), a cadence on the dominant.

{Half cap}, a slight salute with the cap. [Obs.] --Shak.

{At half cock}, the position of the cock of a gun when retained by the first notch.

{Half hitch}, a sailor's knot in a rope; half of a clove hitch.

{Half hose}, short stockings; socks.

{Half measure}, an imperfect or weak line of action.

{Half note} (Mus.), a minim, one half of a semibreve.

{Half pay}, half of the wages or salary; reduced pay; as, an officer on half pay.

{Half price}, half the ordinary price; or a price much reduced.

{Half round}. (a) (Arch.) A molding of semicircular section. (b) (Mech.) Having one side flat and the other rounded; -- said of a file.

{Half shift} (Mus.), a position of the hand, between the open position and the first shift, in playing on the violin and kindred instruments. See {Shift}.

{Half step} (Mus.), a semitone; the smallest difference of pitch or interval, used in music.

{Half tide}, the time or state of the tide equally distant from ebb and flood.

{Half time}, half the ordinary time for work or attendance; as, the half-time system.

{Half tint} (Fine Arts), a middle or intermediate tint, as in drawing or painting. See {Demitint}.

{Half truth}, a statement only partially true, or which gives only a part of the truth. --Mrs. Browning.

{Half year}, the space of six months; one term of a school when there are two terms in a year. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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