gibberellic acid
gibberellin gibberellin n. (Chem.), Any of a number plant growth hormones, the first of which was isolated in 1938 from the fungus {Gibberella fujikuroi}; more than 60 related gibberelins are known. The most important is {gibberellin A3}, also called {gibberellic acid}. They are used in agriculture for promoting plant growth. [WordNet 1.5 +PJC]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • gibberellic acid — n. (Chem.), A plant growth hormone of the gibberellin series ({C19H22O6}), also called {gibberellin A3}. It was first isolated from the fungus {Gibberella fujikuroi}. It is used to promote the growth of seedlings. See also {gibberellin}. MI11… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • gibberellic acid — [jib΄ər el′ik] n. [< GIBBERELLIN + IC] an acid, C19H22O6, isolated from various fungi and other plants, and used to increase the growth of plants and seedlings and to improve the yield of certain fruit bearing plants …   English World dictionary

  • Gibberellic acid — Chembox new ImageFile = Gibberellic acid.svg ImageSize = 240px IUPACName = OtherNames = Section1 = Chembox Identifiers CASNo = 77 06 5 EINECS = 201 001 0 PubChem = 522636 SMILES = ChEBI = 28833 Section2 = Chembox Properties Formula = C19H22O6… …   Wikipedia

  • gibberellic acid — noun Date: 1954 a crystalline acid C19H22O6 that is a gibberellin used especially in the malting of barley …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • gibberellic acid — noun a crystalline acid associated with gibberellin • Hypernyms: ↑gibberellin …   Useful english dictionary

  • gibberellic acid — /jib euh rel ik, jib / a gibberellin C18H21O4COOH, produced as a metabolite by the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, used as a stimulator of plant growth. [1950 55; < NL Gibberell(a) (L gibber hump + ella ELLA) + IC] * * * …   Universalium

  • gibberellic acid — noun An organic compound, one of the gibberellins, obtained from the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, that functions as a growth hormone in plants …   Wiktionary

  • gibberellic acid — An auxin, i.e., a plant hormone which stimulates growth; most prominent of the plant growth promoting metabolites of Gibberella fujikuroi. Used as a plant growth regulator and promoter, especially the growth of seedlings. Used also as a food… …   Medical dictionary

  • gibberellic acid — (Botany) any of several crystalline acids that are naturally found in plants and serve as growth factors (also used in the food industry) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • gibberellic acid — gib′ber•el′lic ac′id [[t]ˈdʒɪb əˈrɛl ɪk, ˌdʒɪb [/t]] n. biochem. bot chem. a gibberellin, C19H22O6, produced as a metabolite by the fungus Gibberella fujikuroi, used as a stimulator of plant growth • Etymology: 1950–55 …   From formal English to slang

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