Cryptogamia Cryp`to*ga"mi*a (kr?p`t?-g?"m?-?), n.; pl. {Cryptogami[ae]} (-?). [NL., fr. Gr. krypto`s hidden, secret + ga`mos marriage.] (Bot.) The series or division of flowerless plants, or those never having true stamens and pistils, but propagated by spores of various kinds. [1913 Webster]

Note: The subdivisions have been variously arranged. The following arrangement recognizes four classes: -- I. {{Pteridophyta}, or {Vascular Acrogens}.} These include Ferns, {Equiseta} or Scouring rushes, {Lycopodiace[ae]} or Club mosses, {Selaginelle[ae]}, and several other smaller orders. Here belonged also the extinct coal plants called {Lepidodendron}, {Sigillaria}, and {Calamites}. II. {{Bryophita}, or {Cellular Acrogens}}. These include {Musci}, or Mosses, {Hepatic[ae]}, or Scale mosses and Liverworts, and possibly {Charace[ae]}, the Stoneworts. III. {{Alg[ae]}}, which are divided into {Floride[ae]}, the Red Seaweeds, and the orders {Dictyote[ae]}, {O["o]spore[ae]}, {Zo["o]spore[ae]}, {Conjugat[ae]}, {Diatomace[ae]}, and {Cryptophyce[ae]}. IV. {{Fungi}}. The molds, mildews, mushrooms, puffballs, etc., which are variously grouped into several subclasses and many orders. The {Lichenes} or Lichens are now considered to be of a mixed nature, each plant partly a Fungus and partly an Alga. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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