Eulogy Eu"lo*gy, n.; pl. {Eulogies}. [Gr. ?, from ? well speaking; e'y^ well + ? to speak. Cf. {Eulogium}, and see {Legend}.] A speech or writing in commendation of the character or services of a person; as, a fitting eulogy to worth. [1913 Webster]

Eulogies turn into elegies. --Spenser.

Syn: Encomium; praise; panegyric; applause.

Usage: {Eulogy}, {Eulogium}, {Encomium}, {Panegyric}. The idea of praise is common to all these words. The word encomium is used of both persons and things which are the result of human action, and denotes warm praise. Eulogium and eulogy apply only to persons and are more studied and of greater length. A panegyric was originally a set speech in a full assembly of the people, and hence denotes a more formal eulogy, couched in terms of warm and continuous praise, especially as to personal character. We may bestow encomiums on any work of art, on production of genius, without reference to the performer; we bestow eulogies, or pronounce a eulogium, upon some individual distinguished for his merit public services; we pronounce a panegyric before an assembly gathered for the occasion. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.


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