Rattlesnake Rat"tle*snake` (r[a^]t"t'l*sn[=a]k`), n. (Zo["o]l.) Any one of several species of venomous American snakes belonging to the genera {Crotalus} and {Caudisona}, or {Sistrurus}; sometimes also called {rattler}. They have a series of horny interlocking joints at the end of the tail which make a sharp rattling sound when shaken. The common rattlesnake of the Northern United States ({Crotalus horridus}), and the {diamondback rattlesnake} (also called {diamondback rattler}, and {diamondback}) of the South and East ({Crotalus adamanteus}) and West ({Crotalus atrox}), are the best known. See Illust. of {Fang}. [1913 Webster +PJC]

{Ground rattlesnake} (Zo["o]l.), a small rattlesnake ({Caudisona miliaria} or {Sistrurus miliaria}) of the Southern United States, having a small rattle. It has nine large scales on its head.

{Rattlesnake fern} (Bot.), a common American fern ({Botrychium Virginianum}) having a triangular decompound frond and a long-stalked panicle of spore cases rising from the middle of the frond.

{Rattlesnake grass} (Bot.), a handsome American grass ({Glyceria Canadensis}) with an ample panicle of rather large ovate spikelets, each one composed of imbricated parts and slightly resembling the rattle of the rattlesnake. Sometimes called {quaking grass}.

{Rattlesnake plantain} (Bot.), See under {Plantain}.

{Rattlesnake root} (Bot.), a name given to certain American species of the composite genus {Prenanthes} ({Prenanthes alba} and {Prenanthes serpentaria}), formerly asserted to cure the bite of the rattlesnake. Called also {lion's foot}, {gall of the earth}, and {white lettuce}.

{Rattlesnake's master} (Bot.) (a) A species of Agave ({Agave Virginica}) growing in the Southern United States. (b) An umbelliferous plant ({Eryngium yucc[ae]folium}) with large bristly-fringed linear leaves. (c) A composite plant, the blazing star ({Liatris squarrosa}).

{Rattlesnake weed} (Bot.), a plant of the composite genus {Hieracium} ({Hieracium venosum}); -- probably so named from its spotted leaves. See also {Snakeroot}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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