Dear-loved Dear"-loved`, a. Greatly beloved. --Shak. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • dear — [dir] adj. [ME dere < OE deore, precious, costly, beloved, akin to Du duur, Ger teuer] 1. much loved; beloved 2. much valued; highly thought of; esteemed: used with a title or name as a polite form of address, as in writing letters [Dear Sir]… …   English World dictionary

  • dear — [adj1] beloved, favorite cherished, close, darling, doll face, endeared, esteemed, familiar, intimate, loved, pet, precious, prized, respected, treasured; concepts 555,567 Ant. common, despised, hateful, unimportant, valueless, worthless dear… …   New thesaurus

  • Dear Octopus — is a 1943 British comedy film directed by Harold French and starring Margaret Lockwood, Michael Wilding and Celia Johnson.[1] It is based on a 1938 play Dear Octopus written by Dodie Smith. It was also released as Randolph Family. Cast Margaret… …   Wikipedia

  • Dear Friend: The Three Bachelors — (Filipino: Love Triangle ) is a Philippine drama that aired on GMA Network. It is the eighth installment of the Dear Friend series.[1] Contents 1 Plot 1.1 Ending 1.2 Main Characters 2 …   Wikipedia

  • dear — O.E. deore precious, valuable, costly, loved, beloved, from P.Gmc. *deurjaz (Cf. O.S. diuri, O.N. dyrr, O.Fris. diore, M.Du. dure, Du. duur, O.H.G. tiuri, Ger. teuer), ultimate origin unknown. Used interjectorily since 1690s. As a polite… …   Etymology dictionary

  • dear — dear1 [ dır ] adjective *** ▸ 1 at beginning of letter ▸ 2 loved/liked very much ▸ 3 expensive ▸ 4 used for speaking to someone ▸ 5 nice ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) Dear used in front of someone s name at the beginning of a letter to them: Dear Diana, I… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • dear — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English dere, from Old English dēor Date: before 12th century severe, sore < in our dear peril Shakespeare > II. adjective Etymology: Middle English dere, from Old English dēore; akin to Old High German tiuri …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • dear — I UK [dɪə(r)] / US [dɪr] adjective Word forms dear : adjective dear comparative dearer superlative dearest *** 1) Dear used in front of someone s name at the beginning of a letter to them Dear Diana, I hope you re feeling better now. 2) loved or… …   English dictionary

  • dear — Synonyms and related words: admired, adored, affectionate, angel, at a premium, at great cost, at great expense, at heavy cost, babe, baby, baby doll, beloved, beloved object, beyond price, buttercup, cherished, cherub, chick, chickabiddy, costly …   Moby Thesaurus

  • dear — I. /dɪə / (say dear) adjective 1. beloved or loved: a dear friend of mine. 2. (in the salutation of a letter) highly esteemed: Dear Sirs. 3. precious in one s regard: dear to his heart. 4. high priced; expensive. 5. charging high prices. 6. high; …   Australian English dictionary

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