cord grass
Marsh Marsh, n. [OE. mersch, AS. mersc, fr. mere lake. See {Mere} pool, and cf. {Marish}, {Morass}.] A tract of soft wet land, commonly covered partially or wholly with water; a fen; a swamp; a morass. [Written also {marish}.] [1913 Webster]

{Marsh asphodel} (Bot.), a plant ({Nartheeium ossifragum}) with linear equitant leaves, and a raceme of small white flowers; -- called also {bog asphodel}.

{Marsh cinquefoil} (Bot.), a plant ({Potentilla palustris}) having purple flowers, and found growing in marshy places; marsh five-finger.

{Marsh elder}. (Bot.) (a) The guelder-rose or cranberry tree ({Viburnum Opulus}). (b) In the United States, a composite shrub growing in salt marshes ({Iva frutescens}).

{Marsh five-finger}. (Bot.) See {Marsh cinquefoil} (above).

{Marsh gas}. (Chem.) See under {Gas}.

{Marsh grass} (Bot.), a genus ({Spartina}) of coarse grasses growing in marshes; -- called also {cord grass}. The tall {Spartina cynosuroides} is not good for hay unless cut very young. The low {Spartina juncea} is a common component of salt hay.

{Marsh harrier} (Zo["o]l.), a European hawk or harrier ({Circus [ae]ruginosus}); -- called also {marsh hawk}, {moor hawk}, {moor buzzard}, {puttock}.

{Marsh hawk}. (Zo["o]l.) (a) A hawk or harrier ({Circus cyaneus}), native of both America and Europe. The adults are bluish slate above, with a white rump. Called also {hen harrier}, and {mouse hawk}. (b) The marsh harrier.

{Marsh hen} (Zo["o]l.), a rail; esp., {Rallus elegans} of fresh-water marshes, and {Rallus longirostris} of salt-water marshes.

{Marsh mallow} (Bot.), a plant of the genus {Alth[ae]a} ( {Alth[ae]a officinalis}) common in marshes near the seashore, and whose root is much used in medicine as a demulcent.

{Marsh marigold}. (Bot.) See in the Vocabulary.

{Marsh pennywort} (Bot.), any plant of the umbelliferous genus {Hydrocotyle}; low herbs with roundish leaves, growing in wet places; -- called also {water pennywort}.

{Marsh quail} (Zo["o]l.), the meadow lark.

{Marsh rosemary} (Bot.), a plant of the genus {Statice} ({Statice Limonium}), common in salt marshes. Its root is powerfully astringent, and is sometimes used in medicine. Called also {sea lavender}.

{Marsh samphire} (Bot.), a plant ({Salicornia herbacea}) found along seacoasts. See {Glasswort}.

{Marsh St. John's-wort} (Bot.), an American herb ({Elodes Virginica}) with small opposite leaves and flesh-colored flowers.

{Marsh tea}. (Bot.). Same as {Labrador tea}.

{Marsh trefoil}. (Bot.) Same as {Buckbean}.

{Marsh wren} (Zo["o]l.), any species of small American wrens of the genus {Cistothorus}, and allied genera. They chiefly inhabit salt marshes. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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