Cissoid Cis"soid, n. [Gr. ? like ivy; ? ivy + e'i^dos form.] (Geom.) A curve invented by Diocles, for the purpose of solving two celebrated problems of the higher geometry; viz., to trisect a plane angle, and to construct two geometrical means between two given straight lines. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • cissoid — [sis′oid΄] n. [Gr kissoeidēs, ivylike < kissos, ivy + eidos, OID] Math. a curve converging into a pointed tip adj. designating the angle formed by the concave sides of two intersecting curves: opposed to SISTROID …   English World dictionary

  • Cissoid — In geometry, a cissoid is a curve generated from two given curves C1, C2 and a point O (the pole). Let L be a variable line passing through O and intersecting C1 at P1 and C2 at P2. Let P be the point on L so that OP = P1P2. (There are actually… …   Wikipedia

  • cissoid — /ˈsɪsɔɪd/ (say sisoyd) Geometry –noun 1. a curve having a cusp at the origin and a point of inflection at infinity. –adjective 2. included between the concave sides of two intersecting curves (opposed to sistroid): a cissoid angle. {Greek… …   Australian English dictionary

  • cissoid — cissoidal, adj. /sis oyd/, n. Geom. a curve having a cusp at the origin and a point of inflection at infinity. Equation: r = 2a sin(t)tan(t). [1650 60; < Gk kissoeidés, equiv. to kiss(ós) ivy + oeides OID] * * * …   Universalium

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  • Cissoid of Diocles — construction In geometry, the cissoid of Diocles is a cubic plane curve notable for the property that it can be used to construct two mean proportionals to a given ratio. In particular, it can be used to double a cube. It can be defined as the… …   Wikipedia

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  • Zissoide — Die Zissoide (genauer: Zissoide des Diokles) ist eine spezielle Kurve 3. Ordnung, die von dem griechischen Mathematiker Diokles (um 200 v. Chr.) beschrieben wurde, um mit diesem Hilfsmittel das Problem der Würfelverdoppelung (auch als delisches… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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