Camlet Cam"let, n. [F. camelot (akin to Sp. camelote, chamelote, It. cambellbito, ciambellotto, LL. camelotum, camelinum, fr. Ar. khamlat camlet, fr. kaml pile, plush. The word was early confused with camel, camel's hair also being used in making it. Cf. {Calamanco}] A woven fabric originally made of camel's hair, now chiefly of goat's hair and silk, or of wool and cotton. [Sometimes written {camelot} and {camblet}.] [1913 Webster]

Note: They have been made plain and twilled, of single warp and weft, of double warp, and sometimes with double weft also, with thicker yarn. --Beck (Draper's Dict. ) [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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