Brunswick black
Japan Ja*pan", a. Of or pertaining to Japan, or to the lacquered work of that country; as, Japan ware. [1913 Webster]

{Japan allspice} (Bot.), a spiny shrub from Japan ({Chimonanthus fragrans}), related to the Carolina allspice.

{Japan black} (Chem.), a quickly drying black lacquer or varnish, consisting essentially of asphaltum dissolved in naphtha or turpentine, and used for coating ironwork; -- called also {Brunswick black}, {Japan lacquer}, or simply {Japan}.

{Japan camphor}, ordinary camphor brought from China or Japan, as distinguished from the rare variety called {borneol} or {Borneo camphor}.

{Japan clover}, or {Japan pea} (Bot.), a cloverlike plant ({Lespedeza striata}) from Eastern Asia, useful for fodder, first noticed in the Southern United States about 1860, but now become very common. During the Civil War it was called variously {Yankee clover} and {Rebel clover}.

{Japan earth}. See {Catechu}.

{Japan ink}, a kind of writing ink, of a deep, glossy black when dry.

{Japan varnish}, a varnish prepared from the milky juice of the {Rhus vernix}, a small Japanese tree related to the poison sumac. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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