Virginia Vir*gin"i*a, n. One of the States of the United States of America. -- a. Of or pertaining to the State of Virginia. [1913 Webster]

{Virginia cowslip} (Bot.), the American lungwort ({Mertensia Virginica}).

{Virginia creeper} (Bot.), a common ornamental North American woody vine ({Ampelopsis quinquefolia}), climbing extensively by means of tendrils; -- called also {woodbine}, and {American ivy}. [U. S.]

{Virginia fence}. See {Worm fence}, under {Fence}.

{Virginia nightingale} (Zo["o]l.), the cardinal bird. See under {Cardinal}.

{Virginia quail} (Zo["o]l.), the bobwhite.

{Virginia reel}, an old English contradance; -- so called in the United States. --Bartlett.

{Virginia stock}. (Bot.) See {Mahon stock}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

, (Caprifolium periclymenum) /

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