Whitflaw \Whit"flaw`\, n. [See {Whitlow}.] Whitlow. [Obs.] ``The nails fallen off by whitflaws.'' --Herrick. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • whitflaw — whitflaw, flow obs. var. whitlow …   Useful english dictionary

  • whitlow — (n.) inflammation on a finger or toe, mid 15c., alteration of whitflaw (c.1400), from FLAW (Cf. flaw), with first element possibly from Du. vijt or Low Ger. fit abscess …   Etymology dictionary

  • whitlow — [ wɪtləʊ] noun an abscess in the soft tissue near a fingernail or toenail. Origin ME (also as whitflaw, flow), appar. from white + flaw1 in the sense crack , but perh. related to Du. fijt whitlow …   English new terms dictionary

  • whitlow — n. an inflammation near a fingernail or toenail. Etymology: ME whitflaw, flow, app. = WHITE + FLAW(1) in the sense crack , but perh. of LG orig.: cf. Du. fijt, LG fit whitlow …   Useful english dictionary

  • whit|low — «HWIHT loh», noun. an abscess on a finger or toe, usually near a nail; felon or agnail. ╂[alteration of Middle English whitflaw, probably < whit white, Old English hwīt + flawe, related to flake a layer, covering] …   Useful english dictionary

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