Volplane Vol"plane`, v. i. [F. vol plan['e] act of volplaning; vol flight + plan['e], p.p.; cf. planer to hover.] (A["e]ronautics) To glide in a flying machine. [Webster 1913 Suppl.]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • volplane — [väl′plān΄] vi. volplaned, volplaning [Fr vol plané < vol, flight < voler, to fly (< L volare) + plané, pp. of planer, to glide: see PLANE4] to glide down in or as in an airplane with the engine cut off n. such a glide …   English World dictionary

  • volplane — 1. noun /ˈvɒlpleɪn/ a steep, controlled dive, especially by an aircraft with the engine off 2. verb /ˈvɒlpleɪn/ to make a volplane …   Wiktionary

  • volplane — intransitive verb (volplaned; volplaning) Etymology: French vol plané gliding flight Date: 1909 1. to glide in or as if in an airplane 2. glide 3 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • volplane — volplanist, n. /vol playn /, v., volplaned, volplaning, n. v.i. 1. to glide toward the earth in an airplane, with no motor power or with the power shut off. n. 2. a glide in an airplane. [1905 10; < F vol plané glided flight, equiv. to vol flight …   Universalium

  • volplane — Synonyms and related words: acrobatics, aerobatics, aeroplane, airlift, airplane, balloon, banking, be airborne, chandelle, crabbing, cruise, dive, diving, drift, ferry, fishtailing, flit, fly, glide, hop, hover, hydroplane, jet, navigate, nose… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • volplane — vol·plane || vÉ‘lpleɪn / vÉ’l n. gliding with engine shut off (of an airplane) v. glide in an airplane; fly in a glider …   English contemporary dictionary

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  • volplane — vol•plane [[t]ˈvɒlˌpleɪn[/t]] v. i. planed, plan•ing, aer. to glide toward the earth in an airplane with no motor power or with the power shut off • Etymology: 1905–10; < F vol′plan ist, n …   From formal English to slang

  • volplane — /ˈvɒlpleɪn/ (say volplayn) verb (i) (volplaned, volplaning) 1. Aviation History to glide towards the earth in an aeroplane, with no engine power or with the engine shut off. 2. (of birds and such animals as gliders, possums, squirrels, etc.) to… …   Australian English dictionary

  • volplane —   v.i. glide through air …   Dictionary of difficult words

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