Vocative \Voc"a*tive\, n. [L. vocativus (sc. casus): cf. F. vocatif.] (Gram.) The vocative case. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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  • vocative — (adj.) mid 15c., showing the person or thing spoken to, from M.Fr. vocatif (fem. vocative), from L. vocativus (casus) (case of) calling, from vocatus, pp. of vocare to call (see VOICE (Cf. voice)). The L. is a translation of Gk. kletike ptosis,… …   Etymology dictionary

  • vocative — [väk′ə tiv] adj. [ME vocatif < OFr or L: OFr < L vocativus < pp. of vocare, to call < vox,VOICE] Gram. designating, of, or in the case of nouns, pronouns, or adjectives used in direct address to indicate the person or thing addressed… …   English World dictionary

  • Vocative — Voc a*tive, a. [L. vocativus, fr. vocare to call.] Of or pertaining to calling; used in calling; specifically (Gram.), used in address; appellative; said of that case or form of the noun, pronoun, or adjective, in which a person or thing is… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • vocative — ► ADJECTIVE Grammar ▪ (of a case) used in addressing or invoking a person or thing. ORIGIN Latin vocativus, from vocare to call …   English terms dictionary

  • vocative — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English vocatif, from Middle French, from Latin vocativus, from vocatus, past participle of vocare Date: 15th century 1. of, relating to, or being a grammatical case marking the one addressed (as Latin Domine in… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • vocative — vocatively, adv. /vok euh tiv/, adj. 1. Gram. (in certain inflected languages, as Latin) noting or pertaining to a case used to indicate that a noun refers to a person or thing being addressed. 2. of, pertaining to, or used in calling, specifying …   Universalium

  • vocative — UK [ˈvɒkətɪv] / US [ˈvɑkətɪv] noun [countable] Word forms vocative : singular vocative plural vocatives linguistics in some languages, the form of a noun that is used for showing that a particular person or thing is being spoken to …   English dictionary

  • vocative — /ˈvɒkətɪv / (say vokuhtiv) adjective 1. Grammar a. (in some inflected languages) designating a case that indicates the person or thing addressed. b. similar to such a case form in function or meaning. 2. relating to or used in calling. –noun 3.… …   Australian English dictionary

  • vocative — 1. adjective a) Of or pertaining to calling; used in calling or vocation. b) used in address; appellative; said of that case or form of the noun, pronoun, or adjective, in which a person or thing is addressed; as, Domine, O Lord. 2. noun The… …   Wiktionary

  • vocative — voc|a|tive [ˈvɔkətıv US ˈva: ] n [Date: 1400 1500; : Old French; Origin: vocatif, from Latin vocativus, from vocare; VOCATION] technical a word or particular form of a word used to show that you are speaking or writing directly to someone… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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