Venetian red
Venetian Ve*ne"tian, a. [Cf. It. Veneziano, L. Venetianus.] Of or pertaining to Venice in Italy. [1913 Webster]

{Venetian blind}, a blind for windows, doors, etc., made of thin slats, either fixed at a certain angle in the shutter, or movable, and in the latter case so disposed as to overlap each other when close, and to show a series of open spaces for the admission of air and light when in other positions.

{Venetian carpet}, an inexpensive carpet, used for passages and stairs, having a woolen warp which conceals the weft; the pattern is therefore commonly made up of simple stripes.

{Venetian chalk}, a white compact or steatite, used for marking on cloth, etc.

{Venetian door} (Arch.), a door having long, narrow windows or panes of glass on the sides.

{Venetian glass}, a kind of glass made by the Venetians, for decorative purposes, by the combination of pieces of glass of different colors fused together and wrought into various ornamental patterns.

{Venetian red}, a brownish red color, prepared from sulphate of iron; -- called also {scarlet ocher}.

{Venetian soap}. See {Castile soap}, under {Soap}.

{Venetian sumac} (Bot.), a South European tree ({Rhus Cotinus}) which yields the yellow dyewood called fustet; -- also called {smoke tree}.

{Venetian window} (Arch.), a window consisting of a main window with an arched head, having on each side a long and narrow window with a square head. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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