Vanellus vanellus
Lapwing Lap"wing`, n. [OE. lapwynke, leepwynke, AS. hle['a]pewince; hle['a]pan to leap, jump + (prob.) a word akin to AS. wincian to wink, E. wink, AS. wancol wavering; cf. G. wanken to stagger, waver. See {Leap}, and {Wink}.] (Zo["o]l.) A small European bird of the Plover family ({Vanellus cristatus}, or {Vanellus vanellus}). It has long and broad wings, and is noted for its rapid, irregular fight, upwards, downwards, and in circles. Its back is coppery or greenish bronze. Its eggs are the ``plover's eggs'' of the London market, esteemed a delicacy. It is called also {peewit}, {dastard plover}, and {wype}. The {gray lapwing} is the {Squatarola cinerea}. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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