Up stairs
Stair Stair (st[^a]r), n. [OE. steir, steyer, AS. st[=ae]ger, from st[imac]gan to ascend, rise. [root]164. See {Sty} to ascend.] 1. One step of a series for ascending or descending to a different level; -- commonly applied to those within a building. [1913 Webster]

2. A series of steps, as for passing from one story of a house to another; -- commonly used in the plural; but originally used in the singular only. ``I a winding stair found.'' --Chaucer's Dream. [1913 Webster]

{Below stairs}, in the basement or lower part of a house, where the servants are.

{Flight of stairs}, the stairs which make the whole ascent of a story.

{Pair of stairs}, a set or flight of stairs. -- pair, in this phrase, having its old meaning of a set. See {Pair}, n., 1.

{Run of stairs} (Arch.), a single set of stairs, or section of a stairway, from one platform to the next.

{Stair rod}, a rod, usually of metal, for holding a stair carpet to its place.

{Up stairs}. See {Upstairs} in the Vocabulary. [1913 Webster]

The Collaborative International Dictionary of English. 2000.

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